Lola Mules / Verde Suede
$339.00 NZD $204.00 NZD
About Arianne shoes are beautifully designed and lovingly handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

Worn with: Issey Miyake Pleats Please Skirt / b – sides jeans / Marta Buda Bag / Nu Swim / The Georgie Pant / Pinch Panama Hat / Arc Necklace



Bobble Earrings
$109.00 NZD
Label: Unmarked

Type: Clip on

Colour: Gold

Materials: Plastic

Condition: Excellent vintage condition

Worn with: Classic Cut / Equipment Silk Shirt



Sailor Dress
$162.00 NZD
Length (from shoulder strap to hem): 84cm / 33″

Shoulder Width: 41cm / 16″

Bust: 88cm / 35″

Waist: 78cm / 31″

Hips: 88cm / 35″

Label: Unmarked

Size: M

Marked Size: 10

Colour: Black

Fabric: Viscose

Condition: Very good vintage condition

Note: All garments have been clipped to fit model, follow indicated measurements above



Today I renounce in the Sunday’s Cravings times completely on Black instead is reddish brown announced. Actually a wonderful alternative, even if the color always very autumn affects me. How that comes about? Maybe remind reddish browns or Bordeaux-red simply too much of the falling leaves in autumn. Despite that there are up to this time of year – fortunately – something is gone, accessories such as the “Sac du Jour” of Saint Laurent, these leather sandals or the watch from Daniel Wellington in precisely this color are beautiful to look at. These simple accessories in silver , which acts always very elegant and clean.
Bangle / Madeleine Issing
Hoops with Infinity Knot / Carolina Amado
Strickweste / EDITED
Armspange / Blond Accessories
watch “Bristol” / Daniel Wellington
“Lowland” Knee Boots / Stuart Weitzman
High Heels Leather / Costume National
“Sac du Jour” pocket / Saint Laurent
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Handmade war hammer

For men

Today I’m gonna build another Warhammer and this one I’m gonna sell at a gun show.

Excuse me, I did I’ve been sanding and wet and learned a mask anyway. This is one of the hammer heads that I got at a flea market. I got a whole bunch of different ones here and this big hammer. Here some things that I’m gonna turn into war hammers but I just thought. I would make one and see if it sells and this is a busted shovel handle. That I’ve already used a couple of pieces off of for other things and this is the end of it. And I fashioned a little point on it. And these little indentations here are where I’m going to paracord wrap the handle and I’m going to sand this all up nice and smooth and use a tung oil finish. On it this hammer head was about an itch longer, but it was so mush roomed over that I just cut an inch off of it. And I’ll make that look Purdy. read more

Men’s Clothing And Influence

Male style advice

How A Man’s Clothes Affects Others – Male Style Advice

Men’s Clothing And Influence. How A Man’s Clothes Affects Others. Male Style Advice. Today, I’m going to be talking about clothing and influence.

Okay, this is the question that came in:  “I’m a youth minister and I’ve noticed that when I wear certain clothing, the young people are more receptive and they pay more attention to me. Can you give me some advice on what to wear to keep the young people’s attention, but also keep the formal look in church so to speak? Thank you in advance.” read more

My Top 5 Style Tips For Big Guys- Clothing Tips For Big Guys


Clothing Tips For Big Guys

What’s everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today’s post guys I’ll be going over my top 5 best style tips for bigger guys. While have you looking big and sexy by the end of this post? Let’s get started.

Remember: one of this is to always layer when wearing a t-shirt a lot of guys love to wear a short sleeve white. T-shirts like I’m wearing one right now to show off them gains. However, they are definitely not built equally for everyone if you’ve got the body for it if you’re in shape. You got a good chest good set of arms. Pretty decently sized waist you’re gonna look amazing the teacher it’s gonna enhance your solid features. However, it’s a double-edged sword. If you’ve got a great body to then enhance it if you have a flabby or out-of-shape body. It’s going to make it look a lot worse and the problem is we’re wearing a white t-shirt on its own or any colored t-shirt really is that it’s going to enhance flabby areas like muffin top Stomach man booze. read more

We Tried Nicki Minaj’s Hair For A Week


We’re getting our hair done just like Nicki Minaj. Basically we’re getting some long ass weave. We’re gonna be rocking you know, body length basically wigs. This is a dream come true for me if you know me. You know I’m about that wig life. I’ve never worn a wig in my life. I love wigs. I’m a big fan. I love wearing colors. I’ve done red, I’ve done a turquoise, I’ve done blond. I’ve worn weave. Sew ins, but never a wig.

I’ve definitely wanted to try out like a pink or a silver. But this is the one time I actually would specifically like a wig because how am I gonna take a shower? With all that. It’s not gonna fit in the shower cap. I don’t get them that often because the kind that I like are the kind that Beyonce also likes and me and Beyonce are in two different tax brackets. Guys don’t look at every woman because I would have to sleep with one eye open. Bitch might try to snatch your wig, literally. What advice would you give like aspiring hair stylists. Be open. Be open and willing to learn. read more

Amazon’s Best-Selling Dresses On Different Body Types


I’ve just accepted it, that I don’t have boobs. Things that I come to realize in dressing rooms.


Narrator: – So today we’re going to be trying on the best-selling dresses on Amazon. I buy everything on Amazon, but clothes and I tend to have trouble because I am six feet tall. When it comes to dresses, I’m like, really, really in between sizes, so I don’t like shopping for them online. Plus my expectations are low. Like I’m not expecting to it to be like a Givenchy gown off the runways of Paris. I think hoping they all look good, and if they don’t that’s probably not Amazon’s fault, that’s probably on me. read more