Unfortunately, nowadays it is not always safe to buy foreign currency. There is a risk of running into scammers and losing all your funds. The safest option when exchanging at a bank, as well as in the обменка Харьков. But this is not always convenient. Currency in large quantities is rarely present in bank branches, and often you have to stand in long queues to make an exchange.

In February 2019, all citizens of Ukraine had the opportunity to buy foreign currency on the Internet online. Until that time, the laws of Ukraine did not allow such transactions. There are several purchase options. In order for a citizen to have such an opportunity, he needs to become a full-fledged client of the bank, download a special application to his phone, register in it and create a foreign currency account.

Opening a currency account is quite easy in a matter of minutes. With the help of a currency card, you can make purchases in the largest online stores around the world, withdraw cash while in different countries of the world, and also pay for the purchase of various goods.

1. Privat24. This system has an application for both individuals and businesses. The most popular currencies are available – the US dollar, the British pound sterling, as well as the euro. You can make a purchase of currency without paying an additional commission, and if you have credit funds, the commission will be 4%.

2. Mono bank. Available currencies are US Dollar and Euro. As long as the amount of funds transfer to other accounts does not exceed UAH 20,000, you do not pay a commission. The minimum amount to buy currency is $10. The commission when buying a currency is zero.

3. PUMB. In the transfers section there is a sub-item “currency exchange”. Click on this sub-item and in the window that opens, we look at the current rate. The currency exchange operation takes place within a few minutes. There is no additional exchange fee.

4. Sense SuperApp. A special application, by registering in which you can open the map via video chat. There is no additional commission when buying currency. You can buy euro and US dollar. When buying a currency, the minimum amount is from 10 dollars or euros. If you sell currency, the limit is even lower – from one dollar or euro.

It is worth noting that buying currency online is very convenient. First, it is available at any time of the day. Secondly, the course is usually more profitable than in the bank itself. Thirdly, you do not pay commissions. Fourthly, you do not need to go anywhere, you can make a deal while sitting on your couch. Fifth, there is no risk of losing funds. It is safe.