Clothing Tips For Big Guys


What’s everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today’s post guys I’ll be going over my top 5 best style tips for bigger guys. While have you looking big and sexy by the end of this post? Let’s get started.

Remember: one of this is to always layer when wearing a t-shirt a lot of guys love to wear a short sleeve white. T-shirts like I’m wearing one right now to show off them gains. However, they are definitely not built equally for everyone if you’ve got the body for it if you’re in shape. You got a good chest good set of arms. Pretty decently sized waist you’re gonna look amazing the teacher it’s gonna enhance your solid features. However, it’s a double-edged sword. If you’ve got a great body to then enhance it if you have a flabby or out-of-shape body. It’s going to make it look a lot worse and the problem is we’re wearing a white t-shirt on its own or any colored t-shirt really is that it’s going to enhance flabby areas like muffin top Stomach man booze.

There’s only and it’s ultimately gonna make you look fatter than you really are and that Sucks. It really does suck and it kills your confidence The simplest thing you can do is put on a lightweight bomber jacket over any white t-shirt that you’re wearing. This is gonna be an excellent simple casual look you’ll get the comfort and ease of wearing a white t-shirt without throwing on something big and heavy so you won’t be sweaty. And the thing here is that it strategically covers up. Areas, such as your manboobs give you that slimmer. Look to your body. I think this is a simplest way that bigger dudes can dress better without having to do a whole lot of anything tip.

Number two on this list is to wear flannels that I now I personally am a big fan of Flannels and the it is especially amazing for bigger guys, because number one it is a thicker shirt. So this is actually going to be great to cover up again any man move action any love handle action. And it’s actually gonna give you a nice seamless transition from your shoulders to your waist when all buttoned up another great thing about the flannel shirt is that it helps to build up and define a Bit more on your shoulders.

So you actually throw in a little bit more of a structure onto your frame. Lastly the great thing about finals is that you don’t wear them. Tuck in so there is no more muffin top with flannels. You will look bigger. You will look stronger and you won’t look fatter wearing flannels tip number three on this list is to wear Structured clothing. Now if measurements, if want a white t-shirt is not really the best clothing because it just conforms to whatever.

Your body is however if you’re a bigger guy, you’re built fairly round so we got to throw a little bit of structure to Mask. That roundness in to draw attention away from flabby areas and to build up some more masculine Stronger areas and the great way we can do this is to wear. Blazers sport coats and pea coats. I personally think these are excellent because they are very structured especially in these shoulders. The traps and in through the waist these are excellent for bigger guys because a they’re simple to dress up you have a wide variety and You’re going to take attention away from fat areas of the body to more.


Prominent masculine areas of the body because when you wear something like a sport coat it builds up the shoulders it builds up the traps. And when you button it up it gives you a taper in your waist. So actually it doesn’t matter how big you are whether you’re in shape or you’re out of shape. You have a bell you don’t have a belly if you can own a sport coat or a pea coat or even a top coat? You’re going to look a lot better and slimmer because of all the angles that were putting in. Onto your round body tip number four on this list is to wear darker colors and darker undertones

Everybody knows is saying that black is slimming which is true, but we can’t always wear black. I personally think it think if you don’t know what to wear for an outfit just go with something black You’re gonna look slimmer and you’re going to look taller, which is great If you are a bigger guy because you can just give the illusion that you look a little more elongated. So I’ll draw attention away from you being out this way to you being a little more this way now if you like wearing colors.

You like to have a little pop of character into your outfit opt for? Darker tones of that color if you like green or blue go with an olive green or a darker tone of navy blue. You’re gonna get two benefits here. You’re making up the dark undertone benefit, which is gonna make you look slimmer and longer and secondly, you’re gonna get the style ass. But you get to express your outfits with a little bit more color yet still not making yourself look fat in the process and actually masking it up fairly nicely and seamlessly.

The fifth and Final tip on this list is going to kind of combine all them together in a weird sort of way and that is to wear Long coats. Long coats such as trench coats and overcoats top coat. These are amazing for bigger guys because they almost nail every point on this list. They are structured. They have a taper in the waist they build the shoulders and traps. They are launched. They’re gonna make elongate your body so you can look slimmer and they go pair nicely with darker.

Undertones and dark colors in general.

If you are a tan overcoat on something all black underneath, you’re going to look slim you’re going to look tall. And you’re drawing attention away from fat areas of the body to the shoulders traps and overall outfit. And that’s it for me today guys that in my top 5 style tips for bigger guys.