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Handmade war hammer

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Today I’m gonna build another Warhammer and this one I’m gonna sell at a gun show.

Excuse me, I did I’ve been sanding and wet and learned a mask anyway. This is one of the hammer heads that I got at a flea market. I got a whole bunch of different ones here and this big hammer. Here some things that I’m gonna turn into war hammers but I just thought. I would make one and see if it sells and this is a busted shovel handle. That I’ve already used a couple of pieces off of for other things and this is the end of it. And I fashioned a little point on it. And these little indentations here are where I’m going to paracord wrap the handle and I’m going to sand this all up nice and smooth and use a tung oil finish. On it this hammer head was about an itch longer, but it was so mush roomed over that I just cut an inch off of it. And I’ll make that look Purdy. read more