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Making a 1920’s “One Hour Dress”


Good morning, I’m Morgan Donner and today I’d like to show you how I make this 1920s “one-hour dress”.

Now you may have noticed those quote marks because the pattern is called the “one-hour dress”, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to take only one hour to make it! Or at least I certainly didn’t, it took me maybe three hours? Which is still pretty fast! So let me go ahead and show you it.

The 1920’s are not necessarily my area of expertise (not that I have any expertise in any area) but it’s definitely not a time that I know a whole lot about, so I started off this project the way I did pretty much every other project — which is to look at a Pinterest board! I found lots of really cute dresses. I wanted something that felt very normal day to day type clothing when it comes to 1920s and there are lots of really cool street photography images showing women just about the town! read more

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Lake, Love, Share: Summer Beauty Essentials

According to my Summer Style Essentials previous 7 days are now the Summer time Beauty Necessities on the variety. It includes issues that I like to use primarily in summer season, factors that I have re-realized in the last few months and also issues that I have currently forgotten and rediscovered.

Oliveda mouth drawing oil

From Oliveda I am thrilled. The CellActive Face Serum has already been built-in into my every day skin care schedule. It provides a excellent glow, a lot more on that you read the linked publish! The Oliveda mouth drawing oil I use also every day in the morning ahead of brushing. It was at first only a small strange for me, due to the fact you just take a tablespoon of oil about 8-twelve minutes in the mouth and it should draw and go between the teeth and in the mouth back again and forth. I’m employing it now for two months and it supports the normal glow of the pores and skin and carry them inside of to shine read more

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Dermasence Medical skin care

As you know, I was in mid-June even though in the attractiveness press occasion in Frankfurt. There, I acquired lots of items to take a look at that I have proven you right here. A care variety that I locate especially interesting and is made for my mix pores and skin is, Dermasence Health-related Skin Treatment . These days I want to introduce you to the goods of Dermasence get a nearer look.

Merchandise from Dermasence I use now for two weeks. I should say that my complexion has improved. My pores and skin is much less susceptible to oiliness and impurities. Especially facial merchandise like very a lot, so I am likely to introduce you closer now. read more

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Trainers from adidas, dress by Asos and white denim jacket

What is missing is the tennis racket I thought to myself as I looked at the photos. Jaja, rare but I am sometimes in dress and sneakers go. That day, I was just not in the mood for high shoes or sandals. But that also does not matter because my ZX Flux sneaker from Adidas did him some day to fresh air. The black dress from Asos also since last year is already hanging in my closet, I have dressed it but only recently for the first time. The white denim jacket from H & M to directly refer me two numbers bought larger so they slightly oversize sitting. I do not like tight jackets where I can not move. read more

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Wow. I almost think that’s my most favorite Sunday’s Craving ensemble of all. Starting with the beautiful nude colored ballerinas from Asos I searched for matching pieces. Culottes, silky fabrics and wide sections I already had in my head. But that I should find the perfect parts also, I would not have thought. Out came two combinable outfits that I would prefer to order directly to me. I’m in love

Culottes / & amp!; other stories
Nudefarbene pointed ballerinas Laced / ASOS
Python Clutch / Costume National
Silver wristwatch / Skagen
cardigan / & amp; other stories
Navyblaues silk / Costume National
Asymmetric Rock / EDITED x Maja wyh
Platform Sandals / Costume National
bracelet / Costume National
PS11 Classic in beige / Proenza Schouler
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New Video: Two outfits in Lisbon

by FK · Temmuz 29, 2020

July 20th, 2020 @ 9:34 pm, written by Nisi

New Video: Two outfits in Lisbon

New Video: Two outfits in Lisbon

During our vacation in Lisbon we took the opportunity and the versatile scenes of our favorite city, a few video recordings of our Outfits to make. This time, the way someone else standing times behind the camera. Loved ones thanks to the cameraman Stephan Mühlau.

All about the supported products found as always in the info box. And of course I would be delighted if you would subscribe to my channel! read more

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Batucada MODE, brand eco-friendly jewelry

During the parade organized by the UFFP 28 May article here I had the pleasure of discovering a great brand. Fashion Batucada is a jewelry brand, accessories and shoes that manufactures his pieces natural gum . Original not? As you can see, so this is an eco-responsible brand that uses 100% recyclable material.

By surrounding himself with many designers to create the grounds for jewelery, Fashion Batucada has been able to build on the originality and beauty for the design of its parts. All these creations are surprisingly elegant. Chic and stylish, these are absolutely beautiful accessories. All jewelry is handmade. read more



The article Shopping: 5 great online shops, which not everyone is familiar appeared on Jour Nelles

If we were like before at school friendship books, take care of our Facebook wall, would for us under the keyword Hobbies definitely” in Online Shops Browse “stand. As a leisure activity online shopping, however, is only as good as the addresses that you click on. These stores are currently our favorites:

MDC Cosmetics: The Online Beauty Store by Melanie Dal Canton from Berlin is a must for all who make both to large perfumeries as well as health food stores an arch, yet from it all only want the best – or are looking for the best friend a special gift. For MDC there finest natural cosmetics, traditional brands and luxury products, from Räucherpapier to the perfumes of Geza Schön, makeup of CBS and Gretel and the coveted hair oils of Rahua and David Mallett. Of course you also get beauty basics like washing gel, mascara, sunscreen etc read more

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Worn as belt Label: Unmarked Condition: Excellent vintage condition Note: All garments have been clipped to fit model, follow indicated measurements above.

Beauty Heroes: Win, win

Jessie is, as we have previously reported, the German face of “Beauty Heroes” campaign from Philips, which is curated by the magazine Cosmopolitan. On the accompanying website “heroes of beauty” talk Jessie and her colleagues in various video interviews about beauty ideals, giving you tips and showing her beauty favorites such as a survival kit for the Fashion Week. And here it comes: All the mentioned Philips devices like Visapure or Lumea and the matching Pflegerodukte can win. For the current selection of Jessie’s colleague Paula Goldstein the Principe click here! read more