Today I’m gonna build another Warhammer and this one I’m gonna sell at a gun show.

Excuse me, I did I’ve been sanding and wet and learned a mask anyway. This is one of the hammer heads that I got at a flea market. I got a whole bunch of different ones here and this big hammer. Here some things that I’m gonna turn into war hammers but I just thought. I would make one and see if it sells and this is a busted shovel handle. That I’ve already used a couple of pieces off of for other things and this is the end of it. And I fashioned a little point on it. And these little indentations here are where I’m going to paracord wrap the handle and I’m going to sand this all up nice and smooth and use a tung oil finish. On it this hammer head was about an itch longer, but it was so mush roomed over that I just cut an inch off of it. And I’ll make that look Purdy.

I’m just basically shaping it this took my god a half a grind and will does it come out straight to a wedge. I took a whole lot of sharpening a whole lot of whittling to get to come down, like that. So that’s all I’m doing for today. It’s dark, it’s raining, but I still got to get eggs and I got to figure out how to get in there man we’ve had so much stinking rain that that just mud everywhere I got to figure out a way to get in my hand house without getting all muddy so I can cause too cold to wash my feet off outside anyway I guess it won’t hurt to leave them there overnight all right I’m gonna load my stove up go inside and tomorrow get back to work on this I’m kind of on well it’s getting better I’m gonna have to get my angle grinder out and really get them pits I thought I could do it with that but I don’t Worr the head out but I did get a I did get this shaped up nice so all righty did I go to Walmart and it’s pouring rain out hey brain vegetable miserable miserable couple of weeks and got a whole nother week of rain man I can’t even walk in my yard and I got to wear waterproof work boots just to go check on my chickens it’s a ankle-deep I hate rain I hate cold and hate rain I want sunny days every single day that’s what I want all righty let me uh think I’m gonna get my angle grinder out and go to rubbing on this some see if I can’t party it up well I’m just not gonna be able to get all the pits out of it my grind too much metal away but I think I’m gonna paint it black was too hard I really really like the shape of that that come out real nice the whole grinding and sanding but looking good what I’m gonna do now is go ahead and put some epoxy on this smear it around in here and put the handle on put my wedge on and let it dry really good good and hard I’m making this with the intent that somebody could actually use this so I’m putting it together where you know somebody swings it and uses it the cinder blocks or zombie skulls that it will work and when this dries want to get this together and it dries I’m gonna come back I’m gonna sand this down really nice and put that finish on it and then we’ll go in the house and I’ll paracord that end and paracord us a nice handle here I think I’m gonna go ahead and put this finish on the handle and under here so when I paracord wrap it it will be dark underneath it you won’t be able to see the wood anyway let me let me get to mixing up this epoxy alright well that’s all I can do for now when it dries I’ll smooth that out make it flush it’s coming along nice I like it well three coats I got one coat of poly on this a very very light stain put some poly down here I’m gonna put three coats on and when I get to third coat on I’m gonna let it drive 24 hours I’ve got a little bit of sanding work to do up here but this still hasn’t cured hard so I’m not gonna bother that yeah getting their effect tomorrow I should be at the point where in the afternoon I’ll be putting my handle raps on here I like it let’s turned out real nice there’s a lot of time it’ll hold a lot of grinding and cheese you can sure go through some cutting discs it took a whole lot of shaping to get that thing to come down to a point it was this was as wide as don’t fall as this and it came to a chisel point this way you see how thick it is there’s a whole lot of granite okay I can actually three or four hours I can put a consent it with some 220 and put a second coat of poly on it I’m gonna go three I got a heater aimed at it is because so it’s rainy and humid here and it says three or four hours between coats but they don’t know this is Louisiana but we have to run by a whole different set up it’s their rules here with the humidity always been always being so high just a little update I’m gonna paint the Hammerhead hammered Brown and I just ordered some acid Brown paracord for here and here and I’m gonna do a Solomon knot here and I don’t know what I’m gonna do here I don’t know if I’m just gonna wrap it or do some kind of knot but I’m definitely gonna do the Solomon knot because sure like the way it looks I’m still on the first coat a friend of mine has some things on eBay that she’s selling for me and I just had some money appeared on PayPal and I got notified like 10 minutes after I ordered my paracord so I wish I’d waited 10 minutes but anyway I’ll have have some paracord for the next time I one of these and I think it’s gonna probably be this one and I think I’m gonna use a metal handle want to cut this off and I’m gonna do the same thing with this cut it down to a nice point but that’s got some real heavy pitting I think a whole lot of sanding to get him out oh let me show you I got all my boxes up now I need more stuff yeah I found I found room for all that I threw him weather well you can’t say but all junk junk junk junk them yellow bins what a waste yeah I’m liking this it is nice when you have a project just to reach into one of these bins and not have to stop and go to a hardware store that’s one of the things that has just drove me nuts over the years and it’s you know it’s 30-mile although we do have a hardware in town now I try not to give them a whole lot business because they’re anti-gun and they give they donate to anti-gun like handgun incorporated pant is at handgun and control incorporated they donate to them and other anti Second Amendment entities so I give them as little of my business as possible anyway back to the war hammer I’m really liking this this can’t stop looking at it it’s going out nice okay about two more hours I should be able to put my second coat on and then three or four days I’ll get that acid Brown paracord in the mail and I’ll bring this inside and wrap it up okay waiting on a paracord now and this be done well it came on I bought this just because I kind of liked the color on on a computer but I think even my wife thinks that I ought to go with this nice I want to do this that’s uh they call it acid Brown is the color for some reason on the phone here let me shut this fluorescent light off ya see huh see what a difference that is that’s how it’s gonna that’s nice a little muddy and and bear for freedom thank you so much that was so nice and sent me some reflective paracord see them a little silver things they reflect light and I got a redo Lucy’s collar has way too big I had this new buckles here and I got this at Walmart this is actually a perfect size I’m gonna read it and I’m gonna salvage the paracord from that and make another one for Sonny my other female dog and we have a collar that we have for her that I can cut the collar off of it and use the buckle which would be even smaller than this so thanks Sam I’m probably going to get to doing this today right now I’m fixing to finish this up and upload the video I haven’t decided what what not I’m gonna do I have found something I like it’s a really simple knot it’s just like tying your shoes but it looks nice I think I’m gonna try that out all right let me get to work I really like it is not really liking it it’s uh when I get you know up here aways I’m gonna mash it mash it all down together it’s okay that you see some of the handle through there that’s why I that’s why I stained it and clear-coated it because I knew you would be able to see through it I’m really liking that it’s such a simple not I may I may not have enough to do this but if I don’t I’ll just undo this and use this part down here and I have enough up there to do this so I’m not gonna blow a gasket if I have to undo it all there’s the first time doing this and I’m really getting the hang of it and it’s looking good and I’m happy with it so if I have to undo it and it’ll just look even better the second time around if I have to use this down there so so far I’m backing this a lot what do you think there lucy-belle how about you breezy boy sunny bunny yeah we got a little cute names for our dogs already I got a friend coming over so I’m gonna get it as much of this done as I can before he gets here well there’s one in I’m gonna do this in now I’m liking it very simple knot and I was able to get it really really tight because I don’t like it when a handle slip around.