We’re getting our hair done just like Nicki Minaj. Basically we’re getting some long ass weave. We’re gonna be rocking you know, body length basically wigs. This is a dream come true for me if you know me. You know I’m about that wig life. I’ve never worn a wig in my life. I love wigs. I’m a big fan. I love wearing colors. I’ve done red, I’ve done a turquoise, I’ve done blond. I’ve worn weave. Sew ins, but never a wig.

I’ve definitely wanted to try out like a pink or a silver. But this is the one time I actually would specifically like a wig because how am I gonna take a shower? With all that. It’s not gonna fit in the shower cap. I don’t get them that often because the kind that I like are the kind that Beyonce also likes and me and Beyonce are in two different tax brackets. Guys don’t look at every woman because I would have to sleep with one eye open. Bitch might try to snatch your wig, literally. What advice would you give like aspiring hair stylists. Be open. Be open and willing to learn.

Be willing to take a back seat sometimes. How this thing goes, it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. If you starting now, respect the process. Look at that baby, look at that. A mermaid.
It’s happening.Okay y’all, so we’re supposed to be at work around 10 o’clock, I’ll probably get in around 10:30. I was in the bathroom so long that I forgot I had a boiled egg on the stove so y’all how bout I burnt the egg. My egg burnt.

But guess what, my wig is poppin. I am on my way to work. One train runs like every hour. I put a scarf over it because the way this hair line is set up, that’s something that we’re not about to do. I’m just a little bit concerned about getting on and off the train. Making sure nobody steps into me. You want your wig to be snatched, but not that kind of snatched. So look who just came in. It looks so. Is it still intact? It’s still intact you did such a good job. Let me get a full, yes, oh my God, I’m obsessed. What’s going on? Why is your hair so long?

What do you think? It’s literally longer than your dress. Yes, b*tch alert. Are you kidding me? Turn the camera on her. Forget about us. Look at her. This is what a bad bitch looks like on her way to prom. No the wig is not hiding under this scarf. It was gonna be too much to comb that out this morning. I try to be at work at a decent time. But I do have it with me. It’s in this bag. Along with my lunch. Probably shouldn’t be storing it in there but I don’t have like a personal wig holder or wig case like Nicki Minaj probably does. I’m really all about trying to make it work so. We’re going for a bohemian rockstar seventies braid right now.

I’m just rocking my corn rows because I don’t feel like putting on that wig. So I guess I’m kind of cheating. Don’t tell Patrice and Sylvia. They’re probably cheating too so I don’t feel that bad. I’m on my way to a shoot and I had to take a break from the wig because I didn’t have time to comb it out or even make it look cute. But I wanted to look presentable. I’m actually wearing another wig. The week of wearing a wig that just so happened to be 40 inches of hair was actually a lot of work. I didn’t have enough time to you know, do my makeup, put on clothes, make sure I had everything in my bag while making sure my wig wasn’t gonna slide off. I cut half of it off. And it’s still long as hell.

You know, that’s a wig for divas because that wig is a diva herself. Hair was everywhere. Weave was at every floor, every corner, every cranny. I loved it. I love the look. It’s definitely like, I still have my wig at home and I will be pulling her out. Her name is Gwen. It was a moment. Like it was nice for a moment. A weekend situation. It’ll be like a cute Hamptons wig. This was my gateway wig. Definitely gonna be like playing with length and color more from now on.

But there is something very powerful I will say about wig life. About being able to take your hair off. Like, whew, just escape all that was happening for you and then put it back on and just like boom and it’s right back to it. That’s crazy.