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Clothes for builders

last week posted a lovely invention of fashion Benefit: matte illuminator. And the brand not rest and invents another: BB primer eyeliner


Who has not made a kitten eye mara and later in the day he was scratched? Now the Benefit launched Air Patrol for us to maintain our dignity as beauté throughout the day, after all, it is no longer easy to make kitten eye, then after that made it to last at least a full day.

And as the Air Patrol work? Well, it works as a color corrector (cc cream), annulling those little veins and redness of the eyelids. In addition, it extends the life of your liner and shadow and the product also avoids the famous – and unwanted – crackle. Its formula contains SPF20 and even a technology called EnviroDefend that helps fight “environmental stress”, like pollution and sun, everything to make your make last, despite these issues of everyday life. read more

New Video: Travel Trilogy – Airplane outfits

Clothes for builders

My ideal travel outfit is comfortable, but also stylish and not look as if you look at dressed in the morning in the dark. In the second part of my Travel Trilogy I will show you two such looks that are wonderfully suited for’s travel by plane.

The first outfit I had so well on our journey to make Australia: Comfortable boots that would only unnecessarily wasted a lot of space in your suitcase, leggings, top and two different jackets for layers (and here I saving my space in your suitcase). The hat I wanted to bring in any case, but wrapped up he would have lost only to the form, so I put him. It ruled wintry temperatures in Berlin and in Sydney we were greeted with warm 27 C. The outfit was about the nearly 20 flying hours consistently comfortable and with the various layers of clothing I was so prepared for the temperature differences. read more


Clothes for builders


I must confess that I had a slight prejudice against Irina Shayk and only saw it as “the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo” gave soft! The Russian, besides being very huh cat, has a cool style and walking more and more determined. Ahh, Cris is passed, Irina damn, okay already dating Bradley Cooper, okay for you, kiridinha!


And in real life she is so blend of basic, charming, but always very stylish, coordinating pieces, layers and a very interesting style. I was especially in love with this look highlighted, is as cool and with a sexy What la Irina! read more

Chata Galoshes for your home!

Clothes for builders

Today is the day to tell a novelty that I plan meeeeses there! Remember Fabio Maca? Fabio is a super talented calligrapher, I follow some time on Instagram and breath with each new work he put. One of them inspired a post that was very successful here on the blog and we ended up coming in after that. After a long chat together we create a project that I come to show you today: Now gives to have a little piece of Chata in your home

Fabio developed the art to 4 frames inspired by catchy phrases on the blog . Two of them have already turned in my collection including shirts with Chico King, but now they can decorate a special place in your home as well. The sentences to run various types of environments and legal frameworks are as much alone together – and HomeIT released a multitude of color combinations, you who decides which best matches your home read more

Palazzo Pants: The Maxi Skirt alternative for the summer

Clothes for builders

07.16.2015 sixteen:52 clock From Leni Garibov Dusseldorf.

Normally, I adore it so, not merely presenting stylish outfits, but a modest but remarkable tale to inform about drum. A funny tale, a funny anecdote. In brief, anything that makes the total thing alive. That it would call for the testing of the latest tendencies but complete physique use, even I would not have thought until finally I was going for walks my new Palazzo trousers and was allowed to make an in-depth acquaintance with the asphalt read more

Bruna Marquezine, The KARDASHIAN KARIOCA!

Clothes for builders

A little less than one year for the Rio Olympics, the city begins to fill with festivities and great event pro preparations. Yesterday, Coca-Cola, sponsor of the event, pitched garland on Copa to launch a national campaign to select the Torch drivers.

In this, unfortunately, I could not go, but last month I was in another and saw the torch up close and she’s beautiful and warm (aloka she tava ‘off’!) . And the party featured a carioquíssima Kardashian and this I am not what I’m saying, look … read more


Clothes for builders

In the kitchen, what we like is make the dish but also the decoration around the dish. It’s not just on the plate that the senses must be sharp. Tables, summer dress than usual. We adapt the menu to the decor and if possible, we try to do it with rigor.

To help you cherish your guests, I have called on the talent Issey Miyake . The house Issey Miyake tried to incorporate origami to culinary decoration. And that way of entertaining. It’s a nice way to give a dose of sophistication to your table read more

Onion soup au gratin – Chef and Chata in Paris

Clothes for builders

The second recipe of our episodes in Paris arrives in time to enjoy the chill: onion soup au gratin Super traditional French dish, just sit in a cafe to see the bubbling pots from the kitchen (and die of desire to set off the crust of cheese, kkk!). The soup is very different preparation than I expected, and the result, as well as delicious, it is very beautiful: love golden brown the onion gets in preparation! Come see how:


4 large onions
50 g (4 tablespoons tablespoons) butter
1 tablespoon (soup) of wheat flour
250 ml (1 cup) white wine
1.5 L (6 cups) of water
4 slices great bread
100g grated cheese (hint: Gruyere)
salt and pepper to taste read more

Strawberry with Brigadier – Chef and Chata

Clothes for builders

Strawberry with chocolate is one of the classic combinations that exist, right? I find it hard to find someone who does not enjoy this combination! And if strawberry with Brigadier Revenue from today was inspired by Doceria line of Ipanema and is one that besides easy, pleases everyone! Come see:


1 can of condensed milk
90 g of dark chocolate
1 tablespoon (soup) of butter

granulated chocolate 250g of strawberries


Wash the strawberries and dry them. It is important that they are well sequinhos. Place the condensed milk with the butter and chocolate in a saucepan. Stir and cook over low heat and stirring constantly go until the mixture thickens and bottom of the pot of unfolding. Remove from heat and place in a buttered plate. Grease your hands with butter. Wrap the strawberries with a spoonful of Brigadier, shaping so that they are all covered, only left the cabinhos out. Pass them in granulated or other confection you prefer. Makes about 20 pieces. read more

Once upon a time in London: The most stylish hotels and places to be

Clothes for builders

08.16.2015 12:00 clock By Daniel Verović London Dusseldorf.

London the fashion metropolis and most frequently visited city in Europe. There is no other place where you can spot the newest trends, eccentric Streetstyles or most fashionable places. Daniel Verović teams up with Regina Motalib to take you on a tour of the finest abodes and attractions of a timeless city did effortlessly Combines vintage charm with cutting edge style. It does not matter Whether you have a low or high budget: in London short and spontaneous weekends, costly shopping trips or spa visits are Possible. Let’s go then read more