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jenna-dewan-tatum-magic-mike-XXL-premiere in them angeles_2

was pro results LDS have entered the last week, but ended up not putting, so just to show their strength, Jenna Dewan Tatum was there and win again, ie double more than deserved the LDS! Last week’s dress was this silver with what graceful futuristic and this week struck a good competition and razed in white overalls.

jenna-dewan-tatum-magic-mike-XXL-premiere in them angeles_6

Up to Tip odd sleeve, the result was cool! Different dress, but all those who are impressed, then, was the winner of (another) time! And the actress’re accompanying her husband, actor CHANNING TATUM OMG, the WorldTour of Magic Mike and is a beautiful after another. read more

My 2015 Summer Bases

Clothes for builders

So the climate is warming up and it is actually showing indications of Genuine summer season! Can you believe it? Nope, but Im confident we are going to go back to it being terrible and rainy in just a handful of days!

I’ve been aware of the iconic Estee Lauder Working day Dress in for a lengthy time but it took me a whilst to get all around to trying it. It’s a tremendous high SPF primer/base variety offer which safeguards the pores and skin from the components and hazardous UV rays. Boasting a impressive combine of anti-oxidants, repairing elements, and mobile-communicating substances this is a base worth making an attempt out more than the summer months. The light-weight lotion texture performs well underneath makeup as well so tends to make it a actually wonderful summer foundation. read more

WHITE e flared jeans from Zara, Jacke in Marsala from H & M and Chanel

Clothes for builders

Flared jeans are just a great thing. Especially those in white from Zara I wear totally happy. This time I have it combined with a striped shirt from Noisy May The jacket in Marsala by H amp; M is my little eye-catcher and brings some color otherwise rather minimalist in the outfit. I’m a big fan of minimalist looks, but so completely I can myself it will find not. I need mostly already a small splash of color or anything which makes the look “Verena-Like”. Even when I’m on Instagram every day admire all the great, monochrome looks anew and they really great find in other, my style is, I do not think so. But that’s a good thing. How do you think? read more

Guethary, Basque Country

Clothes for builders

Top blue buttoned neckline in the back
Here is an outfit photographed in the streets of Guéthary I loved wandering around this small town charm and discover the architecture, the pelota fronton on the town hall square, the tiny harbor and beach Cenitz (see my article in good addresses in the Basque Country).

In front of a typical house with red shutters, all dressed in blue and white, I immortalized my look. The tank top 64 this outfit inspired me with her pretty neck in the back and his dark blue Aztec pattern that fits perfectly with my new bag We Are Not Paris. read more

Properly wallpapering – Tips for Modern Wall Decoration

Clothes for builders

At the weekend was gewerkelt wildly in our 4 walls. I have our living room transformed Furniture were crazy (which I will show you, of course, still) and walls designed new furniture purchased new. The walls that shine so far in a Moccaton, I have painted the slogan “back to the roots” in a classic white. All I wanted to know the center of our apartment but do not be, so I decided a wall with a colored wallpaper to customize. Since I’ve never papered up to this point, was once the World Wide Web on the topic right wallpapering questioned. What you have to consider when wallpapering I show you now. read more

Look Lu: Pregnant jump

Clothes for builders

When I arrived at my first pre query Christmas my doctor looked to my feet and already screeched (hehe): and the leap I was wearing a super comfortable shoe, those we use when know that the day will be over, you know? I felt bloated in early pregnancy and the jump helps stretch, then seemed an ok solution to feel better that day. She guided me to avoid jumps during pregnancy and warned me of the risks (of circulatory problems falls, especially when the belly grows even!).

Since then have avoided heels and flat shoes used 90% of time , they are really the best solution at this time when everything is already uncomfortable (not even have the jump for it heheh) … But I will not spend nine months of my life without putting a jump shoe. Use from time to time, when I know I will not walk far or stay long standing , as it was that day. We went to dinner on Saturday night and I would have to walk from my room to the car and drive to the restaurant, so I did not see any problem in using a sandal that I love and I think you did the look; D read more

4 steps to keep hydrated lips in winter

Clothes for builders

I’ve told you guys as much as I get annoyed by the feeling of dry lips. My skin is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and do not take care of her lips are cracked and dry, which not only ugly in time to apply lipstick (right!) Can also be very uncomfortable! I gathered this post 4 tips to take good care of lips in the winter season when they usually become more prone to dryness:


1- In summer it is easier to remember taking the recommended two liters of water a day but what about in winter? I usually forget and the skin of the lips suffer enough! Strive to remember to drink water regularly a trick that works for me is to fill a bottle and leave next to the computer when I least expect it is over read more

BON PLAN You never shopperez without this judicious guide

Clothes for builders

I promise, you will never go wrong size clothes you!

A picture of group of friends shopping in the city

It’s almost back to school and online shopping increases. Many foreign shops deliver in France and has been for some years. Suddenly, we have become accustomed to buying clothes in countries that have a different size of our guide. Not easy to navigate and choose the size. Like me, you’ve undoubtedly been wrong once.

I wanted to share with you a little trick I advise you to adopt, to find some serenity at the time of frenzied buying. This is the size chart of Vouchercloud read more

MODE With Azucar Dear Boutique Jewelry and we discover two beautiful jewelry brands

Clothes for builders

When two jewelery brands decide to get together to organize a little party of their presentation original pieces for the press and their relatives, it gives the event Afterwork Azucar and Jewelry Shop Dear June 5

It was an opportunity for the two brands present us with a cocktail and a ambiance “Jungle Chic” , their spring summer collections 2015.

The vent was held at the Passage du Cerf, Paris II, location Store Dear Boutique . During this particularly sweltering evening, the two designers have both spoken to me of their own butterflies passion in the eyes .
Azucar Jewelry read more

I’m MOVING! – Interior Inspiration pt 1

Clothes for builders


Apologies for the extended absence on this blog… but I do have an excuse! Kinda! IM MOVING! If you follow me on Twitter then Im sure you know about this already but yeah… IVE GOT MY OWN FLAT. It all happened very quickly and I basically saw some flats one day and then ended up taking one and then before I knew it Im packing my life up and moving on Monday. Im nervous but excited to be living on my own! I cant believe me and Aerys have our own little place though! read more