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How to make donuts – Chef and Chata

Clothes for builders

Today’s recipe is something I always wanted to learn to do: Donuts I am mad for donuts since the first time I tasted, but admit that neither is very difficult, right? A fried fluffy dough with a docinha coverage It is hard to find anyone who does not like! We made a very cute versõa in mini size, which works very well at parties or even to ease the conscience of those who eat, heheh! Come see:


7g (1/2 tablet) of fresh yeast
1 tablespoon (soup) of honey
2 tablespoons (soup) of milk read more


Clothes for builders

was flanado by Instagram (follow me there already and behold, I came across a picture of the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad and his Collection resort, just went for a look at the other looks and behold WOW! As well I had not seen before? As power of synthesis is not my forte, I made a Top15 of looks I wanted to have in the closet oooou ok, you see a celeb wearing, sighing comes to me!

zuhair- murad-025-1366

One of the looks I saw was this one, cry, bandage! It is a look through periguete going to party in Ibiza and this is the best! I loved the mix embroidery transparency color. Who uses one of these, huh O read more

Beauty Favorites July: Redken, Kerastase and Maybelline

Clothes for builders

As in flight is July passed and has brought exciting innovations. For example, my new blog design, about which I have you have stated. But 5 new beauty loves kindled with me in July. Today I introduce you to my 5 favorite beauty products of July What beauty favorites for hair, body and face the July held ready for me, you are experiencing now in my July Beauty Favorites

RITUALS Tao T’ai Chi foaming shower gel sensation

A shower experience of a different kind I experienced with the RITUALS Tao T’ai Chi Shower Gel. The foam not only feels silky soft against your skin, but also smells divine. A very delicate, floral fragrance of white lotus and after Yi Yi Ren smells (Yi Yi Ren is the way used in Chinese medicine). For me Tao T’ai Chi is a super light summer fragrance that invites you to relax. Den you must test read more

River Iceland Pencil Skirt, Suede bag and Arizona Birkenstock Sandals

Clothes for builders

Also for week starting the Sahara summer continues. Since a Outfit must be found, in the woman simply feels good. The feel-good factor has for me this comfortable summer outfit with a little something extra to Chic Ness.

My today Outfit is cozy, chic and mainly summer use

At super hot days is especially important to me that I feel comfortable in my Outfit . The feel-good factor in my current look definitely have the Arizona Birkenstock sandals triggered. They are just super comfortable and my feet get plenty of fresh air. Sandals is just as cozy as the Zara V-Shirt in Black . The shirt is cut loose and airy and pleasant clings to the body. read more

Jennifer Brachmann: “Only if you start his own label, you learn the most!”

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In the great world of the fashion designer of all the male designers know how to emphasize the fun side of the women and the women’s to tailor the most feminine creations on the body. But when it comes to men’s fashion, we expect unaware that only a man knows how to clothe another man properly and masculine. The Berlin fashion designer Jennifer Brachmann breaks this stereotype with her label Brachmann and architectural, masculine and yet fragile cuts and creations. After their Spring Summer 2016 show I meet the relaxed-quiet designer to interview read more


Clothes for builders

The other day I made this post here, where we talked about the revolutions in the world in fashion, whether consumption behavior or simply new habits are not necessarily linked to the economic crisis, but to a new generation wiser, and that’s very good!

Of course there is a summation of factors involved in this transition, but will the people know what is changing here in between fashion which we live. And last week I read three facts that speak a little of this, a bad, an interesting and hopeful. read more

Lake, Love, Share: Denim All Over

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Today Lake, Love, Share Edition I dedicate one of my favorite materials. Jeans or Denim is in fashion here to stay and there is currently a huge hype around it. I have made myself to look for current denim trend parts and this I share you now with.

Will you wear a denim All Overlook? This denim outfit I’ve played with different denim fabrics.

The jeans

The Jeans. Probably every one of us more than once in the closet. Over the years, has become the Skinny Jeans totally enforced with me. But I am also totally that Bootcut or flared jeans are now totally in vogue again. I can still remember my favorite bootcut jeans that I had to throw away after several years with a heavy heart because she was simply already totally chafed. Then, when the trend came back, I found at Pimkie a nearly identical jeans and I was immediately back on the 7th Jean sky. Meanwhile a few more color variants of flared jeans are still to come. read more

Edit photos – Photos idea as a gift

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edit photos and give away. Especially for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary Photo Gifts are to prepare an original idea for the loved ones a joy. A portrait or an unforgettable collective memory can be placed envelope super-Shirts, key chains and cell phone. The good thing about these gifts, they are self-made and unique, but do not require too much Tinkering skill. A photo service of individual gift makes possible the online photo service is of Prentu. This I have now tested for you.
Kleidermaedchen fashion blog, Erfurt, Thuringia, fashion blogger, outfit, ootd, fashion blogger, lifestyle blog, Klleidermaedchen testing Prentu Online Photo Service, edit photos and print read more

Rich fabrics and elegant design: Barbara Black in summer 2016

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Barbara Schwarzer attracts people. Not only with their fashion, but also with their fashion shows. The Areal Böhler, location of the fourth edition of FASHION PLATFORM is filled shortly before the beginning of the show the designer with guests who do not want to miss the event. Barbara Schwarzer itself mixes before the show at the visitors and exchange opinions with them. Despite or perhaps because of their disease multiple sclerosis, where it has been suffering for 19 years and which binds them to a wheelchair, Barbara Schwarzer bursting with positive energy. From excitement, whether at the fashion show everything goes smoothing or whether the models also sits everything is no trace. read more

AMD: The professional way to successful fashion journalist career

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Sitting at large shows in the front row who know the latest trends before anyone else and judge to jetting the world, meet VIPs and Write about fashion. A dream that cherish more and more young people, not least by programs like Germany’s Next Top Model or Sex and the City That this dream job hard work and above all requires a sound education, few know. The course Fashion Journalism Media Communication of AMD Academy of Fashion and Design is unique in Germany in this form and can provide a perfect foundation for a career in fashion. No wonder that the courts are already almost fully booked in many AMD locations from Berlin via Hamburg to Munich. The AMD Dusseldorf still offers spaces for all late deciders! styleranking reveals what awaits you in the training program and how you just apply successfully read more