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Palms Culotte, Strickweste of mango and shoppers in Bronze

Clothes for builders

I have genuinly care that I still pure bring some variety in my outfits because currently I shoote very many looks with a variety Culottes. Initially skeptical, I now totally fallen in love with these skirts. Here you can find an outfit with a white Culotte and here there is one with a black leather culotte Today I have a look at a Palm Culotte for you, there are still waiting more looks with different prints and colors for you Be prepared for anything! The Palm Culotte H amp; M I have combined with a white basic shirt from Zara and a long knitted vest by mango. The sleeveless vest is definitely a part I’m going to wear in autumn and winter yet. Shoes and bag I chose in Bronze. A color that I like very much in accessories. The bronze Pumps of River Iceland an ideal fit for the Reversible Shopper Zara The fact is really great, turning it namely it is gold and thus still changeable. read more


Clothes for builders

You know my favorite reviews are those that involve hair products! I love meeting new products, not necessarily releases, but products with a different proposal for nourishing or any classical treatment. Whenever I travel, I try to discover new things and has two products have now become my darlings and who has this proposal had the obvious and the same brand.

caviar -anti-aging-hair

The Switch is an American brand that has existed for 18 years and that the professional salon products, became successful in Sephoras life just by becoming an option to the classics, but mainly because they are quality products, natural without certain chemical additives (they are free of parabens, sulfates and other “unnecessary” ingredients) Of the products made from caviar, bamboo oil to recycled packaging and eco-friendly and its poster girl, the super cool and discreet mother of Suri, Katie Holmes. Just read a little of its history, we feel the credibility and real involvement, but once you know the products, rolls real love! read more


Clothes for builders

You know that one of my favorite tags on the blog is to show on the most part, say, the technique of major fashion companies. I have been deeply in the history of brands like Zara, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret (worth reading every post, are my xodós) , but this time the company is national and very special.

Carmen Steffens is present here in Fashionismo for more than four years (in fact, we were the 1st partner in the world of brand blogs, show right?!) and finally I got to know in situ your fantastic handbag factory, shoes and more, and I say fantastic because it is more than a place which produces items used worldwide, but also by the proposal, entrepreneurship and all corporate history that the brand has and nowadays it is admirable. read more

Perfectly styled: This Summer Essentials are the must-haves of the season

Clothes for builders

About too much diversity trend. Playful hippie girl will find it at the retro look with flared trousers, Frans parts and kimonos, while the tough Ladies wear sophisticated outfits from Culottes, long jackets and flat, pointed shoes. We have looked at the summer trends and show you from fashion to gadgets the most important must-haves for hot days. An investment worth it.

If you talk about Summer Essentials 2015 Culottes may not be missing. The shortened trousers with wide legs are the trend parts of the summer and keep us both in autumn as well as get next summer. An investment in a quality model is worth it twice or three times: The culottes sweetens you not only this summer, but also in the coming year read more

Outfit: The wrinkled Jumpsuit

Clothes for builders

Long I could with short Jumpsuits not make friends that way. Either they were uncomfortable, it looked at the neckline not look good, the pants legs were badly cut, so that one could see too much or the jumpsuit was not good waisted. Plain and simple, it looks fast goofy. Now I’ve found one that I like and well, as that’s just so I’ve got him in two colors;)

For Brandy Melville I was able to find! The pant legs are cut just right, the rubber insert at the waist is placed just right, making it ultra convenient. But the best thing about him is the high neck and racer back, so it almost looks like a halter. In my opinion, it looks at the most flattering. For this reason I have you picked out more Jumpsuits, which have a similar section or that I find just as nice. read more

Top 3 outfits Festival 2015

Clothes for builders

The festival season is in full swing. Finally in bright sunshine allowed danced in the open air again, to laugh and celebrate. Madison Coco We have already in the Editor’s Picks of our best Festival Essentials culled. On clothes girl I do it right now. Inspired by the Melt Festival I show you my Top 3 festival outfits for the Summer 2015 Kleidermaedchen-erfurt-thueringen-fashionblogger-outfit-inspiration-festival-style-festivals-2015-melt-wacken-porookaville-nature-one-lollapalooza-zalando-festival-guide read more

Curls style with the ghd pink styler V Vintage

Clothes for builders

Today I show you how you with a straighteners simply super beautiful curls stylt . In just minutes you can conjure up a curly mop of hair out of your sleek mane. All you need for this: a brush and straighteners of your choice. I use the ghd V Vintage Pink Styler. The good thing about this Styler, he is ready for use within 30 seconds. So fold even the Last Minute Curls in a jiffy. But now I will not beat around the bush, but with you curl style . And off you go!

Curls style with the ghd pink styler V Vintage Fashion Secret read more

Think Pink, Wedding Guest!

Clothes for builders

Do you know what I love about warm seasons so? Not only the fact that all the thick, bulky jackets are obsolete, you can finally eat pistachio ice without end and the white sneakers spared from slush. No, there’s something better: The hormones go crazy and suddenly hailing it expressions of love, and marriage proposals Pärchenselfies! Normally my inner duration Single annoyed would roll their eyes, but this summer it was different. This could be due to my newfound inner peace through yoga or the fact that I can finally play as a guest! And what that means, I need you probably will not tell long, finally is now the most important question in the room: “What should I wear?”
The right color is half the battle in the choice of clothing: Why not resort to strong colors like azure or bright pink dress: DIY, jewelry: Swarovski, Boots: Just Cavalli. Copyright: Leni Garibov The right color is half the battle in the choice of clothing: Why not resort to strong colors like azure or bright pink? Dress: DIY, jewelry: Swarovski, Boots: Just Cavalli. Copyright: Leni Garibov read more

On the outside everything seems so easy

Clothes for builders

I met an amazing couple. They were sitting in the same bar table and I had an attunement to envy to all singles who drank from the same bottle of beer they. They were not the kind that the completed each other’s sentences, but were partners and at some point the conversation, as he put his hand on her leg and she tied a knot, I could already imagine them as those cult movie scenes: taking breakfast, with pancakes and smiles, while a beam of light hit her eyes (clean) and he sang Caetano de samba song (flawless). Fell in love with them in forty-five minutes read more

3 outfit inspirations with Birkenstock Arizona shoes

Clothes for builders

Birkenstock slippers you simply no longer escapes. I wear them both at home and on the go. So not the same model, but two different variants. Starting from the Birkenstock Arizona model, I have put together for you today 3 different outfits for nachstylen. Which is your favorite?

3 outfit inspirations with Birkenstock Arizona shoes

Outfit No. 1 Birkenstock Arizona in Gold with ripped jeans shorts

Start We with a Birkenstock Arizona model in gold. Due to the metallic effect and the golden color, I decided to make easy and casual outfit the rest. The denim shorts of Glamorous I combine with a simple, white blouse Here I would leave the top three buttons open and still put under a great halter top. read more