Calvin Klein for dreamy slip dresses



Today I renounce in the Sunday’s Cravings times completely on Black instead is reddish brown announced. Actually a wonderful alternative, even if the color always very autumn affects me. How that comes about? Maybe remind reddish browns or…

Men’s Clothing And Influence

Male style advice

How A Man’s Clothes Affects Others — Male Style Advice Men’s Clothing And Influence. How A Man’s Clothes Affects Others. Male Style Advice. Today, I’m going to be talking about clothing and influence. Okay, this is the question…

My Top 5 Style Tips For Big Guys- Clothing Tips For Big Guys


Clothing Tips For Big Guys   What’s everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today’s post guys I’ll be going over my top 5 best style tips for bigger guys. While have you looking big and sexy by…

We Tried Nicki Minaj’s Hair For A Week


We’re getting our hair done just like Nicki Minaj. Basically we’re getting some long ass weave. We’re gonna be rocking you know, body length basically wigs. This is a dream come true for me if you know me.…

Amazon’s Best-Selling Dresses On Different Body Types


I’ve just accepted it, that I don’t have boobs. Things that I come to realize in dressing rooms. Narrator: — So today we’re going to be trying on the best-selling dresses on Amazon. I buy everything on Amazon,…

Can You Start a Fire with a Sandwich Bag

Clothes for builders

Can You Start a Fire with a Sandwich Bag? (Cool Survival Hack) Hey guys I brought you back out to the mountains today. Because I want to show you another cool way. You can start a survival fire…

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Clothes for builders

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