Clothes for builders

Have you ever checked into your wardrobe (again!) for a nice pick to have, say, a dinner with a colleague but, again, found only stacks of jeans and shirts, or, if any luck, one long-forgotten and out fashioned dress? Don’t we, once in a while, want a change and just be brave enough to wear pretty clothes “just because”, for no reason at all? But again and again we would pass those beautiful but not very cheap maxi dresses by and head for more sensible items: jeans, T-shirts…

“It’s too expensive!” read more


Clothes for builders

You imagined it for months – strolling on the beach with a slim body! You imagine having great abs, toned legs and arms and a nice butt! So, you started the journey … no-rice diet, no-sweets diet and no-carbs diet! Name it, you tried!

Now it’s time to show off! Unfortunately, you gained more weight! Let’s face it! It is very hard to lose some pounds. And, the bad news is … it is summer! Well, don’t fret. You can still enjoy the beach, just make some adjustments. Like? Get plus size bathing suits instead. It’s hassle-free and they have some cute and flattering styles too! read more


Clothes for builders

Plus size evening gowns come in all possible varieties: style, color and fabric, and it may seem a task too hard. So grabbing first one in the row may seem a reasonable decision. Still there are a couple of tips you should know while selecting the right one among tons of plus size evening gowns and, by the way, enjoy the process.

Build vs. Style

Wrongly chosen plus size evening gowns will look baggy and bulky if you opt for too big a size. Of course, they shouldn’t be as tight as your second skin but your size, plus or not, is just a size so try to follow it. Second, try to highlight your best parts: slim waist, fragile shoulders, long legs – place the accents correctly. read more


Clothes for builders

How to Look Elegant in Plus Size Maternity Clothes
Being plus sized can pose a challenge when searching for trendy clothes, this predicament can be further compounded by pregnancy. With the ever increasing bulge during pregnancy, a plus sized woman may feel like an inflated blow fish that is ready to burst resulting in low self-image. This can situation can be avoided by investing in right kind of designs of plus size maternity clothes. Here are some secretes to achieving this;

Emphasize on your length rather than width
Your pre-pregnancy body size is already big than the average, and with pregnancy your width is bound to become even larger. By emphasizing on your length you will end up looking elegant during pregnancy. To do this you need to be conscious on colors, design and prints of your plus size maternity clothes. For starters it’s advisable to go for dark colors such as black as it lengthens the torso and offsets plumpness giving you a trimmer look. For footwear, get kitten heels or wedges as they give length to your legs, avoid rounded toes as they will give you a stumpy look. Go for V-necked empire waist design as it will flatter your figure while raising your lookers’ eyes upward towards your neck, face and shoulders. Shorter open cardigans help to even out your proportion. When going for prints be moderate do not chose very large or small prints. read more


Clothes for builders

If you are a plus size woman and have a baby on the way, there’s no reason why you cannot stay stylish and fashionable while waiting for your little one. There are some things you need to consider when looking for plus size maternity clothes.

Don’t go cheap on maternity wear

Buying two sizes larger is not the same as getting plus size maternity clothes because maternity wear is designed specifically for pregnant women whose bodies are constantly changing in size.

Which styles you must go for

Choosing an empire waist cut is your best bet. An empire waist will be right under your breasts and this gives more room for your growing belly making you feel lighter. You want to be more comfortable during pregnancy.Clothes that have more patterns. Stripes with vertical patterns also make you look slimmer despite of wearing plus size maternity clothes. read more


Clothes for builders

Everyone loves those times when the fashion was a decision of ordinary people, dictated only by the necessity, beauty or comfort, and wasn’t a blind servant of whimsical fashion designers. Plus size palazzo pants, as a variety of loose pants, are exactly the type of clothes that evolved in the natural way of society’s development.

Intricate background
Skirts have always been the women’s must. Some would still argue that a skirt is the most authentic clothing a woman should wear. They tend to involve here bits of psychology, physiology and even some esoteric levels of energy accumulation. However, the Wars have greatly changed the acceptance of a woman in pants, only if on the battle field. While the upper class restaurants banned women’s trousers to be worn inside, the women, as usual, found a way out themselves. Regular or plus size palazzo pants gave a sublime feeling of a woman dressed classically but revealed it’s true rebellious nature only while walking. An art of a joke! Who would be so shamelessly inquisitive as to try to make sure whether these are pants or a skirt. No long debates, revolts or open conflicts. Wisdom wins. As usual! read more


Clothes for builders

JUST SAY IT! Loud and proud say, “I am a plus size woman!” Now that’s established, let’s talk about plus size special occasion dresses. Want to look fantastic for a special day? Well, before you start shopping, start researching!
Looking great is not really a problem for plus size women. Just follow these tips:

1. It is all in the legs! Do you have fantastic legs? Try plus size special occasion dresses that are a little above the knee. Make sure you have a nice pair of heels to compliment the dress. Black heels will go nicely with any kind of dress, but you can also try shoes in nude colors. They will make your legs look longer. And, here is a simple tip about guys- they don’t just really look at legs; they look at you from head to toe! So, if you plan to use an open-toe shoe or heels, please get a pedicure! read more


Clothes for builders

TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF! Summer is here! It is time to cool down or simply show off that abs!?! Kidding aside, do you have the perfect swimsuit? If you are a plus size woman, it might be a bit challenging. You don’t need to starve yourself to look great this summer. Just learn your body type and get that nice fitting swimwear. Do you have an hourglass shape? Or an Apple body shape? Or maybe a Pear-shape body type? Knowing your body shape is an important step. You don’t want those bulges exposed, right? read more


Clothes for builders

Most first time moms have a hard time trying to figure out exactly which clothes to buy for their new-born and which baby clothes stores to purchase them from. The following guidelines will help put things into perspective.

Comprehensive list

Unfortunately may moms-to-be do not know exactly what to shop for and often end up just wandering around various baby clothes stores trying to figure out what is appropriate. This is definitely the wrong way to go about things because the stores usually have a ton of items to choose from and you can easily end up going round in circles. It is therefore important to come up with a list of items beforehand. This makes it easy when visiting baby clothes stores because you will already know what you are looking for. Apart from making shopping convenient, making a list will also ensure that you do not but a lot of unnecessary baby clothes. Babies grow very rapidly therefore there is no need of buying so many clothes that will not be useful after a couple of months. A list will ensure you get exactly what you need. read more


Clothes for builders

When a child grows from junior age to the teen age, they mostly hate shopping at teen clothing stores. Teenagers have mind of different type, they do not like local markets. Although teen clothing stores contain branded dresses but teen say that they sometimes change shoes and clothes. There wardrobe are usually simple and contain simple but branded dresses. Teenagers adore fashion. Most teenagers like to wear jeans, pants, T-shirts for boys and girls like skirts, jeans and bottoms. There are online teen clothing stores as well as stores located in markets and malls and in some areas; teen clothing stores are located beside a road. read more