Wow. I almost think that’s my most favorite Sunday’s Craving ensemble of all. Starting with the beautiful nude colored ballerinas from Asos I searched for matching pieces. Culottes, silky fabrics and wide sections I already had in my head. But that I should find the perfect parts also, I would not have thought. Out came two combinable outfits that I would prefer to order directly to me. I’m in love

Culottes / & amp!; other stories
Nudefarbene pointed ballerinas Laced / ASOS
Python Clutch / Costume National
Silver wristwatch / Skagen
cardigan / & amp; other stories
Navyblaues silk / Costume National
Asymmetric Rock / EDITED x Maja wyh
Platform Sandals / Costume National
bracelet / Costume National
PS11 Classic in beige / Proenza Schouler
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Two fun series on Netflix

Do not I know, but I live behind legal options to watch on Netflix! As I am constantly ‘zeroing’ seasons (‘m kind of addicted kkk!) I always try new things to watch and recently found two very fluffy series!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt tells the history of Kimmy, who was 15 years kidnapped by a religious fanatic believing that the world was falling outside (haha!). When she is rescued going to NY and decides not to return to the country town where he came from. Kimmy not won me over first. I half escrachado, too silly, but then it was picking up the pace and the result is that’ve watched every episode, heheh! I love the head of Kimmy and its roomante, Titus, who appears in the photo up there. The last episodes are the coolest, because it will lose its innocence and experiencing new things, it’s fun. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had only one season so far, but it has been renewed.


Another series that seemed silly at first but once caught me is Do not Trust the Bitch in Apt 23 – or 23 pros Apt close, hehe! Another girl from the inside moves to NY, this time is June, the blonde photo. She is engaged and changes because of a new job, but it soon falls apart in the first week and she ends up changing pro such Apt 23. She shares the apartment with Chloe, to the bitch of the title, which’re more than to doidinha to bitch, heheh! The scenes that make me laugh more are those of James Van der Beek (Dawson!) Who plays himself and lives messing with the fact that he was the eternal Dawson (people, you also watched Dawson’s Creek, right ??). Chateadíssima when I was just watching the two seasons of Apt 23, the show was canceled in 2013! But worth it as time passes, it’s great fun.

Does anyone know of other fun series to indicate? Account here!