Hello !!! As the title continues: I’m on vacation, I deserved vacation, so dream vacations! We arrived today in Florence and spend a few days at our favorite spot in the world, Tuscany! Then continue to other beautiful places and Wonderful and logically share everything with you, in realtime on social networks and then over here!

And what my holidays mean the blog ?? Hey, whit! We will have not only one, as two posts every single day, everything continues as usual, ok ?! Only Ronda Monday that goes on vacation until September or at most can take a while to answer comment or email, moreover, worked bent to let the Fashionismo days and the way you like! 🙂

Just now, a lunch delis in order to Ponte Vecchio


CONTEST INSIDE Win your beauty kit and morning hygiene

I offer a small competition pending the receipt. It was an opportunity to present the latest Colgate toothbrush. Slim soft new toothbrush generation . Teeth whitening has become a trend since the big brands compete with your dentist and offer products to win one or two shades whiter.

I have succumbed with a product I will tell you soon, my test 14 days being finished. And I used this toothbrush received double, to multiply its efficiency. The bristles of the toothbrush are tapered in order to remove a maximum of food particles between the teeth. It also helps to remove as much plaque (“jaunisseur” teeth) and thus facilitates teeth whitening.

With the toothbrush, I added a few products.

Lot includes:

► The last toothbrush Colgate Slim Soft, it cleans smooth and has a system to help in teeth whitening ► A mini dentifrise MARVIS, with its beautifully retro look ► A mini energizing shampoo and antioxidant BEAVER ►2 samples


To win the prize, the conditions are:

We say in comment in which section of the blog, we talk about TEETH (give the title). Do not cheat, there are several.