Bust: 86cm/ 33.8″ Waist: 78cm/ 30.7″ Length (from top of strap to hem): 81.4cm/ 32″ Label: Unmarked Size: S Marked Size: S – M Colour: White Fabric: Viscose ..

Prada x Raw Avenue

Even if the print industry is weakening, experienced the Fashion Illustration for quite some time and over again making a comeback! Already on June 26 presented Prada introduced a new website called Raw Avenue. This is about the work of six international illustrators, who interpreted a glasses model from the Prada Raw eyewear collection. With this Carly Kuhn, Megan Hess, Blair Breitenstein (see drawings below), Judith van den Hoeke, Wong Ping and Vida Vega.

Marc Jacobs & amp; his muses

When it was announced in the spring that Marc Jacobs ceases second line Marc by Marc Jacobs, we briefly made us a bit worried. The designer now runs on top form. Having already i.a. with Cher and Anthony Kiedies as new faces of the Autumn / Winter 2015 campaign provided a talking point, Marc Jacobs shook two more aces up their sleeve: Sofia Coppola and Winona Ryder also advertise it. Sofia Coppola has been one of his muses and campaigned for his perfume already, whereas Winona Ryder was caught before almost 15 years there when they at Saks Fifth Avenue, among others wanted nicked a Marc Jacobs sweater. Water under the bridge – now there’s a happy ending.

Hunter x Glastonbury

Stella McCartney proves once again that she is one of the coolest women on the planet, because at first glance the theme “wellies” really unsexy. But we are talking about the brand Hunter, whose creative director randomly Stellas man Alasdhair Willis is. The British have succeeded to make the label Season after season a bit cooler. For selected Celebrities like Suki Waterhouse and Immy, Poppy Delevingne or Daisy Lowe – and of course Stella! (See header)! – There was during the festival season the way a pair of rubber boots to order personalized, so there is no confusion, you should get stuck in Glastonbury in a mud puddle. However, the service enjoy far unfortunately only celebrities.

Speaking: No festival without rubber boots, beer in plastic cups and Topshop! In the British fashion chain there is everything you need for a little dance in the open air, it is the Cargo Coverall of Daisy Lowe, a black dungarees, a sleeveless denim shirt, a striped shirt or a bomber jacket, was spotted in the Poppy Delevingne.

Maison Scotch x Bohemian Wanderlust

Another lookbook comes this week from Maison Scotch, a brand which we ansgesichts these dreamlike images absolutely again want to report more often. Ne wat is the beautiful …

No love transition

Instagram goodness we have discovered this Berlin label: Behind No love is the German rapper Prinz Pi, who brought some time ago a song called “No Love” on the market, the is considered a classic of the Berlin rape. The No love gear ensures that the brand little by little is known. ! So that runs today

Deicide: Let Yourself

A lot of love we have for the new Deichkind video “Let Yourself”, in which, inter alia, Campino, MC Fitti, Samy Deluxe, Kraftklub, Deicide and Marteria join. Have you seen?

Product of the Week

The Balenciaga Canvas Shoulder Bag is the perfect bag for the summer and is likely due to the comparatively low price point for a designer bag in no time be sold out! Trick 17: The strap abknöpfen and carry as a clutch. Speaking of Balenciaga: Have you ever the new campaign with Lara Stone and Kate Moss seen? Precision landing! Photos:. Steven Klein

The Post News du jour: DarLinks KW 27 appeared on Jour Nelles

The current trend is to “Premium” lines. We observed not only in the major fashion chains, but also in the furniture trade. For August Ikea announces two new highlights: In addition to the acacia wood series “Skogsta” the British star designer Ilse Crawford has designed an interior collection made of natural materials such as cork, cotton or bamboo, for which we would like back to queue at the long queue! Who’s that at all, this Ilse Crawford and you have to know? But hello!

Before Ilse Crawford has her design studio founded “Studio Ilse” based in London, she was in the late eighties responsible for the launch of Elle Deco in the UK – at the time she was 27 years old and therefore a pioneer for the interior enthusiasm that today everywhere can be felt. Among her best known projects include hotels like Ett Hem, The Olde Bell or this house in Hong Kong.

Your 30-piece collection for Ikea Sinnerlig can be divided into three categories: working, eating and relaxing. They constitutes larger pieces of furniture such as cork tables, a beautiful day bed to hand-blown glass bottles. Your Inspiration explains Ilse Crawford as follows:

“We have observed that, depending on digital our lives, the more we long for the tangible. It’s all about balance. Nowadays, we are always close digital equipment – always connected, no matter where we are. Therefore, we observe, for example, changes in the workplace – the trend is moving away from hard surfaces to materials that feel good and so stimulate the senses, such as wood and other natural materials “.

And why now go back from all so on cork? After copper and marble, the bark is a major trend theme with its many good qualities.