Will of … shoulder to shoulder neckline


My gaze towards clothing has changed a lot in recent times. Now whenever I think that I have a tummy, heheh, then parts I loved using do not work as well at that stage (goodbye skirts of cinched waists!), So I walk looking at different things that did not attract me so much … One of these parts is the blouse with shoulder neckline shoulder . I did not enjoy because that kind of play does not favor either those with the top wider than the low (my case), but with the growing belly increasingly due to the pregnancy this becomes irrelevant – the silhouette is changing!
In every store I spent on my trip saw at least one copy of the blouse with shoulder-to-shoulder neckline, but the most common was even see several of them – a piece is trend and can be sure that we’ll see MANY in summer collections . But I’m not complaining = D

The coolest thing is to see how it can change according to the style of the wearer. I did not think the piece so versatile, in my mind it worked in boho looks, like those from up here, and only! She really is perfect in looks more relax , especially if the skinny fabrics and details such as embroidery. To get even more boho just to perfect the necklaces and bracelets and ready, fluffy look effortless.

But it is also beautiful in a more basic look, assuming the main clothing paper. It works great with flare pants, which balances the silhouette as it is bulky, but if use so careful not to get ridiculous – 70 is trend but we do not want to go out in costume, right.

I have a face that is simply horrific using almost any type of hat, but I could not put these references here! I think the neckline works well with hats, because she’s super summer and so it combines a lot! The shorts of looks + shoulder to shoulder blouse + hat are cute and freshly baked, it is worth remembering them time to think about the case year-end.

And to end, using my favorite looks the part. More urban and without much detail, would use the three NOW! I ended up buying two blouses well lately, but now I want a black version and also a dress. Has anyone ever seen in any store ?? Tell me here! In my Pinterest has more inspirations:

In my Pinterest has more inspirations:

Do you like this type of blouse?