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Mercadolibre WINTER SEASON

I told you guys here on the blog that in 2014, eBay launched its official channel fashion, to get even closer to your audience fashion, aka us! There, we find gathered dozens of choices of shops and always special promotions, all the default security ML on the purchase and easy navigation. In short, it’s like a mall, with several brands combined, but only a virtual store, ie, practicality and good findings.

And taking advantage of the winter season which began last week, I prepared a selection of parts and always footprint “Get th look” I know you like, look

Ok, we start with a timeless sweetheart, rain, sun, cold or heat! You know I love one scarpin, love pink and this has a beautiful color and even better price! And taking to real life (at least real life Hollywood) , the 3 looks show how it can be versatile.

Now high winter time with a boots long barrel, very long! This is good price and small jump as far. Goes well with romantic dress, uncomplicated look sexy and even a la Olivia Palermo mounted footprint.

Ending the 1st leads, these booties with male what, but used with great charm! I’ve done post on it and muses type Khloé Kardashian and Rihanna often use until Bruna Marquezine already made his version made in Brazil. I admire those who can ride look like, is stylish, right

Since Vanessa Hudgens is the current Muse blog, it is fair to her to inspire these models bootie (1, 2 and 3) super boho and not only they, as other celebs have used enough! Now pause pro male time and more boots! I seeexy boot man and a casual look, you know? Be with the Ryans or Ed, on eBay have this and other options boots for them too!

Finally, I found a boot that is very similar to the one that appeared in the Cara Delevingne post last week, I found very pretty! You should also stay cool on a very dry pants, good suggestion for those who want to get away from the traditional versions. And yet there has other versions boots, buttons, boots, either for you or him!

They liked Get The Look with winter pieces, but less so? Now the good part – and can help you put it all into practice – is that these my choices are the fashion hot site of MercadoLibre and there’s up 10% off in the first 300 shoe shopping (is limited to a purchase by email and voucher of R $ 50) . For those looking for a finding of shoes, tai one incentivao more!