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1, essential oil crops and animals is typical stains on clothing, is typically a polar fluid stains. this type of stains use solvent naphtha, PCE as properly as other all natural solvents to wipe or brush removal. inside scrub to utilize a towel or cloth to wipe reducing the drain using the stain answer inside of a timely manner, aside in the garments surface. avoid evaporation, some stains will stay within the surface area within the clothing, make garments and surface area marks. If traces might be utilized repeatedly wipe or scrub to expand the scope within the technique to remove. may also be painted on the drinking water stains clothing, additionally to making use of high-pressure spray gun.
2, passive veggie essential oil contaminated clothes, crowded on the place of toothpaste within the stain, lightly rub several times, then scrub with water, essential oil might be removed
3, suede fur clothing, if stained with grease, you can sprinkle some essential oil on the correct raw flour, then brown brush brush brush reducing the frizzy hair right up until the essential oil removed. Then, with rattan as properly as the like beating the frizzy hair surface, get rid of the remaining flour to produce gentle fluffy and clean.
4, ski jacket, if stained with grease, placed just a little flour and reconstituted with chilly drinking water right into a paste-like, used to essential oil at several several hours later, brush having a brush dipped in drinking water for the powder, essential oil stains will disappear.
5, bread, outfits and will remove the traces of oil: meal, if traces of oil-dyed clothes, rubbing lightly utilized clean whitened bread, traces of essential oil might be removed.
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