Many men wonder how to flirt with women effectively while remaining appropriate. In our modern society, where the idea of equality has taken hold, many men find themselves at a loss on how to act flirtatiously without coming across as chauvinistic or old-fashioned. The good news is that although times change, the human animal remains relatively the same, and these tried and true methods of flirting with women, when applied correctly, will have you appearing more attractive and getting the attention you so rightly deserve.

The first rule is to make eye contact. A woman does not want to feel you undressing her with your eyes, at least not yet, so it is important to retain a friendly level of eye contact with the woman you desire. Be sure to notice the color of her eyes. This can be used to compliment her later. Also, notice if there are other colors present in the eye. Are her green eyes touched with flecks of gold? Take note of such things. Women love men who notice the little things that most men miss.

This brings us to the second rule. Take notice and compliment. This rule cannot be stressed enough. Most women take an extraordinary amount of time getting ready to go out every day that will greatly reward the man who openly appreciates their efforts. If she has recently changed her hairstyle, be sure and compliment her on it. If she is sporting a new outfit, be certain to tell her that it looks good on her. Most men dismiss accessories such as nail polish, jewelry and shoes. Compliment a woman on these items and this brief flirtation is sure to keep her head spinning throughout the day. When she wishes to feel good about herself, she will remember you and will soon begin to associate you with feeling good. A few seconds of effort on your part can lead to a great payoff later down the road

The third rule is to pay attention to what she says. Take the time to truly listen to her stories. Offer advice if asked but an attentive ear is what most women desire. If she tells a joke, be sure and laugh, regardless of how humorous you find it. If you are lucky enough to be out on a date with the woman of your dreams, or simply taking an innocent lunch break from the office you must be sure to keep control of your wandering eyes. Women loathe competition from other women. So be friendly to that hostess or waitress but do not ogle and never comment on the attractiveness of another woman in the presence of the woman you are flirting with.

Most of all, just be yourself. You are most truly relaxed when being yourself and women will pick up on this. Be confident, stand tall and never forget to make eye contact, compliment and listen. Remember to have fun. Now that you know how to flirt with women, get out there and get all that you have coming to you.