People, you even put up with a little bit of high fashion? Just a little bit, not much, only pro Eye delight on Friday mara! After Versace, Chanel and Saab, we will end the season with the Lebanese ostentation, Zuhair Murad.
If Elie knows how to be soft and angelic Zuhair is all worked in the overdose of colors and sparkles, this season also saw stars, many Stars! I made a Top12 of looks I want to see you soon and in the end has the full gallery of wonderful looks, okay crying lovely!

The inspiration was heavenly and the collection came replete with stars and sparkles. This dress is something means princess in Disney gala evening in trance ballad. It is a very classical model and this color is breathtaking

People, what is the work that dress? Look at this plot, embroidery and all final visual, it’s amazing! I do not know who I want to see using, maybe myself #aloka

Look Izabel Goulart (she closed the parade) and more a red jumpsuit disco dance , very similar to the one presented yesterday by Elie. I like this shape Justinho and shorter pants, that will make you successful with Emma Stone in the near Golden Globe # # forecasts tiathê

Now there’s a classic Murad, this crack, like a long wrap dress, bugle beads forming stripes and that green? A green magnificent and splendid emerald. . Love these shows because they make me write beautiful words

Oun , time star! What graceful dress, full of applied stars, found super Dakota Fanning and color? I’ve never seen blue SO cute! In fact, the parade of color chart is dazzle

Look Iza again on the catwalk and a model all written Zuhair, no doubt that will be used for the first celeb attuned to book your own!

He left ballad with this low cut all worked in high tech , the curious thing is that I have a Zara jacket that has well this embroidered footprint, seriously is very unique! He has bought about 3 years and is successful ( and neither was expensive!) . Look creator copying the creature haha ​​#brinks

Chora Zara, Tai a long responsa and all worked in the opulent embroidery. Now although very beautiful, do not know who would be able to use it, maybe one of these Asian actresses who hold anything!

I love festive pants and this is very bold, who is that risk? J.Lo, can be??

This short one run and estralado is very cute and will pras Hollywood teen divas (yes, I’m happy to glimpse looksXcelebs).

Now one look through Florence & amp; the Machine, all worked on transparency and impact. Love to see dressed like moving, we stay with another printing and this is very beautiful.

To conclude, here comes the bride! A classic bride as well as Zuhair Murad who is always faithful to his style, though not vary widely in modeling and renewal, keep doing what it does best and with much praise, keep it up!