Hi everyone, let me introduce myself if you’re not familiar with me My name is Marnie and I’m known as MsGoldgirl around the internet.

I am a almost 46 year old mother of two boys. Happily married for over 20 years and my channel focuses mostly on beauty and then I started throwing in a little bit of fashion, lifestyle, we have a book club going. I talk about all sorts of interesting things at least to me they’re interesting, from an over 40 perspective. Now if you’re under 40. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come over and watch we talk about stuff that is applicable to any stage in your life. Maybe gives you something to look forward to but anyway today I’m here to answer the challenge that was handed down to me by JCPenney.

They asked me to style two outfits one day one night both $100 or less using their denim. I answered the challenge and I beat them. So keep watching and watch how I styled not one, not two, but actually four outfits for $200. So the first outfit is my daytime casual look and if you don’t know me, I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. I’m happiest in a pair of skinny jeans. I live in Texas, we’re a very casual state I live in San Antonio, Texas, which is even more casual than most of the state.

So I love jeans I actually styled this outfit with travel in mind and then going straight into walking around in sightseeing because I actually just traveled and picked out this outfit specifically for that so obviously. I’m actually wearing this sweatshirt in the first look I saw this actually on the mannequin in store and knew I had to have it. I love a sweatshirt. It’s very cozy but it’s these extra details like.

Elevate it and kind of make it look a little more trendy a little more put together than just throwing on a baggy sweatshirt I love the sewn on letters. These aren’t just stamped on they are raised and they’re a little bit fuzzy a French phrase just makes it a little more chic literally. You can wear this, you know untucked, however you want I feel like doing the little front half tuck really makes it look a little more polish, but not overly done. Now I don’t know about you, but when I travel I like I always get cold. Even if I’m wearing a sweatshirt, and I like also having layers because depending on where you are it gets hot it gets cold.

So when I saw this cardigan, I knew this would be a perfect layering piece. I like the tone on tone. They’re both in the blue family, but they’re a little bit different. It adds some layers and some dimension. This cardigan is from the brand a.n.a and I like the sleeves are a little unique. The way they kind of balloon out a little bit But again, this outfit looks great without the cardigan on now, let’s talk about the jeans. I love jeggings, but I’ve always had a problem with that they’re not like real jeans. They have sewn shut pockets, to me that’s not functional I prefer having pockets on everything. What I really liked about these jeggings again from the brand a.n.a is that they came in a bunch of different colors. I went for this lighter wash distressed look. I like distressed it’s a little more edgy, makes a little more on trend than just a pair of jeans that are in tact. But these are fully functional.

A real button, a real zipper, fully functional pockets front and back. They’re very stretchy. They’re incredibly soft, easy to bend, stretch, move around Super comfortable to wear on a plane. And again, it’s the details on this they even have the raw hem that is sewn so they’re not going to fray past this point a very on-trend piece, incredibly affordable. They’re so buttery soft really love this outfit. Love it so much. I can’t stop wearing the sweatshirt. Now for the evening portion I decided to change things up a bit with just changing the silhouette.

So nothing says date night, going out on the town, like something a little sexy off the shoulder sweater in red I mean, it just screams nighttime. I found this off the shoulder sweater by the brand Worthington. I’m wearing in an extra-small by the way. And it’s a really pretty, fine gauge, finely knit, off the shoulder sweater. Again. It’s those details. The sleeve has the tighter cuffs and then it balloons out along the length of the arm. Gives it something sexy. This top is really versatile You can wear it tucked in, you can wear it with the half tuck, you can wear it pulled out you could easily style this with a pair of leggings and some pumps. You really can do a lot with this. You can belt it. I really enjoyed it. I’ve actually already worn this.

I had a girls night out. We were celebrating a friend’s birthday and I wore this exact outfit and it’s super comfortable. I found that the shoulders do not ride up. You can move your arms around. It’s easy to wear but I feel like it’s just that little you know, showing up just a little bit of your collarbone. Really makes the outfit a little more sexy, a little more edgy, but you’re still fully covered up It’s still very modest. Now to pair it. I went way out of my comfort zone. I live in skinny jeans, but I saw these fairly high-waisted wide leg jeans. And I thought this is a perfect pairing.

First of all again with the fabric It’s super soft and super stretchy. It’s by the brand again a.n.a I really had a lot of fun with this brand Of course pockets front and back super easy. I love these wide leg bottoms. Absolutely love them I feel like it really elongates me. I’m just under 5 foot 4, but I felt really tall in these. Obviously, you’re gonna have to pair these with a higher heeled shoe, but it doesn’t have to be your typical pump. I’m wearing these with boots. I have to admit one of the things that really is appealing to me about these pants. These jeans really is that when they look like pants but too because of the higher waist It really sucks everything in and holds everything in without being binding.

So if you are going out on the town and enjoying a nice meal, there’s room in there for the meal two. So here is where I beat JCPenney’s challenge and I raised them that one outfit but two. So remember the challenge was Two outfits, one daytime one night time, each 100 dollars or less.


Well, with my $200 budget I didn’t put together one outfit Nope. Didn’t just put together two I actually managed to pull off four outfits because of the amazing coupons, sale prices. Let’s just not talk about sales taxes. So this first bonus outfit can be casual or a little bit dressy. Depending on how you accessorize it and what shoes you choose to wear. This way, I’d say this one is in the middle. So first let’s talk about this sweater.

Oh my gosh I am drawn into texture obviously. This is like a chenille popcorn sweater and these colors in the middle of winter. I’m just so sick of drab and gray and no sunlight even here in South Texas. It’s an issue So all these pretty bright pastel colors put together just really drew me in. It’s super soft I even love the name of the brand the brand is called Love More. It’s just adorable and in this case, I paired them with a pair of slim cut boot cut jeans. So these are a tiny bit more dressy that then say your skinny distressed jeans. The boot cut elongates the leg makes the leg at least, I think it makes my legs look thinner.

I might wear these every single day for the rest of my life I love how my legs look in these and so these and the darker wash makes it a little more dressy. But depending on you know, how you style your shoes and your accessories. You could dress it up, you could dress it down In this case, I just wore a pair of booties nothing special. Again, this sweater can easily be worn out, half tuck, the full tuck It has a lot of give to it, it has warmth. But it’s not overly bulky and it drapes really nicely, super comfortable outfit. This one is definitely on repeat until the temperatures heat up. And then my last bonus outfit is definitely on the casual side and this was one of those. I was walking to the dressing room saw this and said “I have to have this”. So this last bonus: outfit is very casual very basic and just throwing on a jacket changes a basic white t-shirt and jeans into something that looks a little more put together.

So first, let’s talk about the jacket. I love an olive-green field jacket I have several already, but there was something about this. Well, I’ll tell you what it was about this jacket I love first of all the length of it. It’s a longer length, it covers your bum I also like that you can pull this in at the waistline and really accentuate your waist. In this case, I cinched it super tight because I didn’t intend to wear it closed. It’s more like a cardigan type style the way I’m wearing it. But you can I can loosen those toggles so that it actually does snap all the way close. I love the deep pockets, I love the little almost peplum flare to it.




And then I just threw it over a basic white t-shirt. That’s not actually so basic I also like that the sleeves come cuffed and then pocket is just a nice little detail. You can tuck it in. You can do the half tuck, you know the drill, but it’s just a really simple outfit, especially when I paired it with the boot cut jeans it elevates it a little bit when you wear the boot cut and a darker wash.  Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you the next post. Bye!