Dating becomes successful when there becomes mutuality between a man and a woman. A man succeeds in courting a woman, not only because the woman fell in love with the man, but primarily because the woman saw what she wanted in the man. Women look for so many things in a partner, and from that list, here are 5 things women want in a man:

Unlike men, women don’t simply go for superficial traits. One of the things women want in a man is his sense of humor. Women are so into men who always carry a smile and bring about laughter. A man who makes a woman smile and laugh can make a woman happy. Happiness, even in its simplest form, is enough for a woman to even fall in love with a man.

The next on the list of 5 things women want in a man has something to do with employment. In this age when career women are everywhere, most women want men who have stable and rewarding jobs. Women equate stability with employment. If a woman sees that a man has a decent job, then it would be a strong indication for the woman that the man can go for a steady relationship.

In addition to that, women also want men who have manners. The gentlemen still has a place in the hearts of modern women. With the thought that these men will soon be their husbands and fathers of their children, women would only want to be with men who are decent and mature to face such roles.

Intelligence is another trait that women want in a man. Of course, who would like to be with someone who can even differentiate orange from blue? Women want to have a secure life with a man, and one of the gauges for security would be intelligence to survive and to sustain the relationship.

Finally, the most important of the 5 things women want in a man is honesty. Since women are emotionally fragile, the least thing they would want to have is a man who will bombard them with lies and who would leave them with these lies. Any woman would be contented with a man who will be honest with her for the rest of their lives.