Do you know what I love about warm seasons so? Not only the fact that all the thick, bulky jackets are obsolete, you can finally eat pistachio ice without end and the white sneakers spared from slush. No, there’s something better: The hormones go crazy and suddenly hailing it expressions of love, and marriage proposals Pärchenselfies! Normally my inner duration Single annoyed would roll their eyes, but this summer it was different. This could be due to my newfound inner peace through yoga or the fact that I can finally play as a guest! And what that means, I need you probably will not tell long, finally is now the most important question in the room: “What should I wear?”
The right color is half the battle in the choice of clothing: Why not resort to strong colors like azure or bright pink dress: DIY, jewelry: Swarovski, Boots: Just Cavalli. Copyright: Leni Garibov The right color is half the battle in the choice of clothing: Why not resort to strong colors like azure or bright pink? Dress: DIY, jewelry: Swarovski, Boots: Just Cavalli. Copyright: Leni Garibov

Yes please

I want to be really honest: I have never been so desperately looking for the right outfit. Finally, there are more variations than Selfies evening dress of Kim Kardashian and yet the search was anything but easy. Lang should be the dress that was made as a criterion. Everything else? I left the fate, or rather the shops. And was not able to find. After nightlong Browse diverse boutiques, red carpet stuff and catwalk inspiration, the decision was clear: even the wife! Finally, one should not compromise on such an important occasion. So I consulted with the designer girlfriend, bought silk, taken Dimensions And just had a week to cope with five meters of fabric, the own character and the wishful thinking

Beautifully decorated bracelets or glamorous earrings make the statement chains Competition deal Copyright: Leni Garibov Beautifully decorated bracelets or earrings glamorous make the statement chains competition and rightly so! Copyright: Leni Garibov

It’s a pretty thin line between glamorous and cheap I was able to discover in my search for the perfect wedding outfit often enough. In the end there were some criteria that facilitate the search and the wearer avoid any unpleasant surprises could be:

It need not always be stilettos! If they match the dress, and elegant ankle boots can be combined for evening dress. Copyright: Leni Garibov

First things first: the cut! Even the most expensive dress could transform the figure into a brawn if it does not sit perfectly. If you have a little more, then rather do without the hips to stretch and choose moving, lightweight fabrics. Are there parts of the body that you really like about yourself? Then this should be emphasized in any case!

The stuff of which the dress is sewn. Polyester is not always the worst choice, because silk wrinkles quickly. However, there are also huge differences here and doubt should be dispensed with strangely brilliant and rigid materials. Chiffon is always an elegant choice.

The color. There is probably an unwritten rule to wear at weddings pastels. Granted, peach, rose or mint look gorgeous, but why not give it access to strong azure or bright pink? The beautiful bride in white you will anyway never be able to steal the show, but a perfectly matched color of the dress is half the battle and makes elaborate jewelry often unnecessary

If we’re on the subject:. The accessories. Of course, jewelry is essential, finally, the occasion is glamorous enough for some bling-bling. But somehow I’ve seen enough of all the overloaded Statement Necklaces personally. A nice alternative is flashy earrings, hair ornaments, glittering bracelets or studded evening bags. But please not all at once!

The Shoes. When I held my satin boots with metallic heel in his hands, it was clear: the dress must have a slot! At first I thought it was a matter of course, to carry delicate sandals to back the dress to the fore, but then I thought to myself: “Why not try something different”. So, to think outside the box also applies to the shoe choice and makes for a nice focal point.

Location. Is celebrated in the garden? Then fine, flat sandals would be the right choice. Is the celebration outdoors, it is worthwhile to pack a matching cashmere stole. Or is there perhaps a motto? Then make absolutely sure and choose the outfit to match! After all, even the most beautiful dress does not help when you inappropriately feels therein, freezes or must pay attention to every step

But in the end, the following applies:. The nicest one sees from if you feel good!