Today when go into any mall you will come across stores that specialize in clothes for teenagers. The clothes mainly consist of casual and niche gear designed with adolescent tastes in mind. However this has not always been the case. A while back, junior clothing was simply found in normal clothing stores and store owners or brand names did not think about coming up with junior clothing stores targeted specifically at the younger generation.
At the beginning of the 1980’s, junior clothing stores began to appear and this was attributed to realization by garment designers and manufacturers that teenagers took clothing very seriously and spent a lot of money on dressing. Most of the teenagers at the time spent a large portion of their personal allowances or wages from jobs on clothing. Market research also showed that teens were increasingly going to shop without the company of their parents and therefore had the independence to choose what they wanted and spend how much they wanted on clothes. This buying trend began to spread and the amount of junior clothing stores began to increase steadily.

Today it is normal to come across stores that deal only with junior clothing. The trend has evolved so much that it is now possible to find niche junior clothing stores that only deal with a specific style of clothes. For instance there are junior clothing stores that simply stock clothes that target the Goth crowd. In such junior clothing stores you will come across various Goth themed clothes and accessories such as leather outfits, black fishnet stockings, and studded wrist bands among many other items. This shows that there is a now a great market for specialized junior clothing stores.
Store owners have also made some considerations when setting up these stores. For instance, most junior clothing stores have more affordable prices than normal clothing stores and this is a strategy that is aimed at attracting the teens. However, in the long run teens have been found to shop a lot more than older people hence they are more likely to make repeat sales.

Most junior clothing stores have taken all market factors into consideration and most of them include a plus sized category for larger sized teens who may not have petite waist lines. These clothing stores are taking their marketing strategies a notch higher by including marketing promotions in their sales strategies. By offering special sales, offers and discounts to stimulate sales.
Over the years the target market for junior clothing stores has also evolved. The stores are not only frequented by teens but also slightly older individuals. It is not strange to find people in their twenties frequenting junior clothing stores. The main reason for this is that most junior clothing stores stock trendy affordable clothing therefore people who would like to be up to date with latest fashion trends will most likely focus on teen trends.
It therefore seems like the junior clothing stores are definitely here to stay.