JUST SAY IT! Loud and proud say, “I am a plus size woman!” Now that’s established, let’s talk about plus size special occasion dresses. Want to look fantastic for a special day? Well, before you start shopping, start researching!
Looking great is not really a problem for plus size women. Just follow these tips:

1. It is all in the legs! Do you have fantastic legs? Try plus size special occasion dresses that are a little above the knee. Make sure you have a nice pair of heels to compliment the dress. Black heels will go nicely with any kind of dress, but you can also try shoes in nude colors. They will make your legs look longer. And, here is a simple tip about guys- they don’t just really look at legs; they look at you from head to toe! So, if you plan to use an open-toe shoe or heels, please get a pedicure!

2. Soft fabrics if you please! When trying plus size special occasion dresses, make sure you check the fabric first. Go for satin or silk dresses, they will ‘bring out’ your curves. Fabrics that are stiff are not just uncomfortable; they will also make you look bigger.

3. “Face” it! If you want to emphasize your face or the upper part of your body, then purchase Halter dresses. These plus size special occasion dresses are great choices for that special occasion. A show of skin may even make it more interesting! Make sure you also choose the right color for your skin tone.

4. Try colors! Black may give that classy look, but using black clothes day in and day out will also make you look dull. Why not get some plus size special occasion dresses with great colors? It’s not against the law, right? Floral prints in nice colors and fabrics won’t hurt, so try them.

5. Accessorize! Plus size special occasion dresses will also stand out if you mix them with nice accessories. And, remember the KISS guide! Keep it simple, sexy! Don’t use all five bracelets on one occasion, just pick one. If you’re conscious about your chest area, then use a simple necklace.

6. Best fit Forward! Before you start scouting for plus size special occasion dresses, make sure you also have a nice undergarment. Most women have superb taste in dresses, but the look gets destroyed when the undergarment is too tight – emphasizing the bulges. Before buying a dress, get a nice-fitting bra. You won’t regret it! As they say, start inside out!

7. Walk with an attitude! So, you don’t look like a Barbie doll, so what?! Showing off a dress is all in the attitude. You may get expensive plus size special occasion dresses, but if you don’t have the confidence to show it off then it won’t work. So, head up, stand tall and start walking with confidence!

There you have it, seven simple ways to look great in plus size special occasion dresses. There are styles out there that will show your body beautifully, just research and try them out. Forget about hourglass figures. You are beautiful any which way! PERIOD!