The other day I made this post here, where we talked about the revolutions in the world in fashion, whether consumption behavior or simply new habits are not necessarily linked to the economic crisis, but to a new generation wiser, and that’s very good!

Of course there is a summation of factors involved in this transition, but will the people know what is changing here in between fashion which we live. And last week I read three facts that speak a little of this, a bad, an interesting and hopeful.


If you are a blogger or simply tune with the digital world, knows that has always been the parent vehicle and more important for those seeking news of fashion and mainly follow the parades of fashion weeks. He was always an example and reference, that’s where (yet) seek photos, details and also reviews of the shows.

From the beginning of the year announced the portal would become e-commerce, which is already a pity alone (many e-commerces in the world, let alone stylezinho) but this week another setback which collapsed any hope of have a minimum touch publishing to portal. Tim Blanks, your editor at large left and now serves on the Business of Fashion website. But all is not lost, Vogue, owner of Style, said the entire contents of parades will be migrated pro, I hope!


It will still, of course, but now the big brands go to Zara, not necessarily copy the #inception looks, but to understand their business model. Controversy aside (if that is possible) Zara is the inventor and higher power the fast fashion and what most intrigues the such big brands is how this process is done.

In recent event Condé Nast, Anna Wintour told a conversation he had with Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s designer, which he said was each increasingly intrigued by the speed of the brand and a phrase they preach “we do not do meetings” ie, Zara does not waste time with theory, so Anna was even more impressed and scheduled visit soon the factory of the brand in Spain (worth reading this post here) And for it to be news, friends is because it is a big step and meeting of two GIANTS! Does Zarinha will finally surrender to #ad pages of Vogue and is put the brand looks in their editorials?


In this same event Condé Nast, which met Miss Wintour and the team of Glamour, she stated: “we will not hyperventilate perfection” that in Portuguese means good pro Ana asked people maneirar those called “has the perfect body”, “has the perfect hair,” “have any perfect thing which the magazines do not give up and, of course, sell! In the words of own nests she said, “imperfection okay!”

This means that if Anna spoke, all publications of Condé Nast it. is not only editor of Vogue, but also artistic director of the group soon will enter a vibe more real life and without impacting labels. Remember the Kim’s post comparing Bombshell cover to cover real life? Well, the idea is this and our part we breathe relieved to see a promising future and more democratic fashion, is not it?!


This week our second round was different, I hope you enjoyed it:)