At the weekend was gewerkelt wildly in our 4 walls. I have our living room transformed Furniture were crazy (which I will show you, of course, still) and walls designed new furniture purchased new. The walls that shine so far in a Moccaton, I have painted the slogan “back to the roots” in a classic white. All I wanted to know the center of our apartment but do not be, so I decided a wall with a colored wallpaper to customize. Since I’ve never papered up to this point, was once the World Wide Web on the topic right wallpapering questioned. What you have to consider when wallpapering I show you now.

Step by Step right wallpapering

There are many different types of wallpaper. I opted for a non-woven wallpaper, because it is particularly easy to use. In Tedox you find, for example, a lot of beautiful non-woven wallpaper How exactly do I have conjured up the wallpaper on the wall, you are experiencing now in my step by step guide

Correct paper Preparation

1. Before her paper with the Los sets, you have to take precautions a pair. It is important that you prepare the walls before wallpapering, old wallpaper have completely removed, cracks in the walls and mended irregularities are compensated.

2. Includes windows and doors before you with wallpapering begins HERE! The smallest draft is sufficient, which is your freshly placed against the wall wallpaper on the floor again. The same goes for the heating, these must be switched off.

3. Now it’s time to mix paste. In my photo wallpaper paste powder was supplied. I admit to instructions 4 liter of lukewarm to warm water in a bucket and pour the paste powder slowly while stirring vigorously into it. My paste was ready to use after 30 minutes. It is very important that the paste should have a thick consistency, otherwise liable your wallpaper not. Are you unsure you, there are also finished the mixed wallpaper paste at the hardware store to buy. And now it can finally go!


Correct paper Installation

1. I have chosen for a wallpaper of PhotoWall, with numbering from 1 9 is provided. Before assembly you should check that all paths are included and are correct.

2. wallpapered is still left to the right.

3. explores the first train that papered her out, so that the sequence tracks straight. This works best with the aid of a spirit level, a measuring tool and a pencil. Measures First, the width of your wallpaper strip off. In my wallpaper, these are 45 cm. This 45 cm I transfer the bubble level, the measuring tool and the pencil on my wall. At this mark the first wallpaper roll is aligned.

4. Carrying the paste directly onto the wall. I have used for a brush, as you can also paste a role for applying the paste to use. When applying the paste you have to work very carefully, every forgotten place later provides a bubble in wallpaper.

5. sticking strips of wallpaper on impact. Wallpaper can not overlap. Especially in Pattern wallpaper it’s important to line up the design exactly to the previous path.

6. pranks lanes smoothly. Once all strips of wallpaper glued to the wall, stroking the paths from the center out to the edges smooth with your hands or a wallpaper brush. Until all small amounts of bubbles and wrinkles in the wallpaper disappeared.

7. Removes paste stains with a damp cloth or sponge.

8. Cuts supernatant wallpaper remnants from. For this I use a Cuttormesser and a steel ruler. So we clean the cut and straight!

Have you ever wallpapered? Do you like pattern wallpaper on your wall?