TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF! Summer is here! It is time to cool down or simply show off that abs!?! Kidding aside, do you have the perfect swimsuit? If you are a plus size woman, it might be a bit challenging. You don’t need to starve yourself to look great this summer. Just learn your body type and get that nice fitting swimwear. Do you have an hourglass shape? Or an Apple body shape? Or maybe a Pear-shape body type? Knowing your body shape is an important step. You don’t want those bulges exposed, right?

Don’t worry, let me help you. To get perfect plus size swimsuits follow these reminders!
When the hips are bigger than the bust area, it is called Pear-shape body type. Ladies with this kind of shape should buy plus size swimsuits that will give prominence to the upper part of the body while covering the hip area. If you are under this body type, try a one-piece bathing suit with colored top part. If you want to have a more modern look, then use Tankini sets or Skirting’s’.Apple shape women have large shoulders, tummy and breast. These women should emphasize their legs and use plus size swimsuits that will hide the middle area. Using printed one-piece swimsuits or swim dresses will do wonder for women gifted with this body type.

If you are lucky enough to have small waists, then you should emphasize them together with the upper area of your body. Plus size swimsuits with belts would be a nice choice. A one-piece suit with a colorful top design will also work.Halter dresses look great on women with large breast. This is also true for swimwear. Halter tops plus size swimsuits will not only give support on the bust area, it will also give a slimming effect. Comfort and style is what Halter tops swimsuits offer.Avoid plus size swimsuits that are strapless if your bust area is a bit big. Strapless swimwear does not give any support and may make you uncomfortable.

People who are on the petite side should also avoid plus size swimsuits that have horizontal stripe designs. Obviously the pattern will make petite women look even smaller. Avoid them at all costs!If you are full-figured woman, do avoid plus size swimsuits in Boy shorts style. This style is flattering for other body types, but it can make thighs look larger for full-figured women.
Summer is not just for men or women with sexy abs or what not. Summer is for everyone! Plus Size? Small Size? The size does not really matter! Just make sure that before you take the plunge, you are in the most flattering plus size swimsuit you can find. Summer is all about swimming, sunbathing or just strolling by the seas shore. Oooops! Don’t forget the food, flip flops, food, hat, food, blanket, food, beach ball, food, sunblock lotion, food and … more food! Oh well. Let’s just all have a great time!