How to Look Elegant in Plus Size Maternity Clothes
Being plus sized can pose a challenge when searching for trendy clothes, this predicament can be further compounded by pregnancy. With the ever increasing bulge during pregnancy, a plus sized woman may feel like an inflated blow fish that is ready to burst resulting in low self-image. This can situation can be avoided by investing in right kind of designs of plus size maternity clothes. Here are some secretes to achieving this;

Emphasize on your length rather than width
Your pre-pregnancy body size is already big than the average, and with pregnancy your width is bound to become even larger. By emphasizing on your length you will end up looking elegant during pregnancy. To do this you need to be conscious on colors, design and prints of your plus size maternity clothes. For starters it’s advisable to go for dark colors such as black as it lengthens the torso and offsets plumpness giving you a trimmer look. For footwear, get kitten heels or wedges as they give length to your legs, avoid rounded toes as they will give you a stumpy look. Go for V-necked empire waist design as it will flatter your figure while raising your lookers’ eyes upward towards your neck, face and shoulders. Shorter open cardigans help to even out your proportion. When going for prints be moderate do not chose very large or small prints.

Choosing Suitable Fabrics for Plus Size Maternity Clothes
The choice of fabrics used greatly influences the appearance, performance and comfort of maternity clothes. Go for non-stretch woven materials such as jersey that has been blended with stretch fabric such as spandex. These kind of materials are lightweight and soft and can be worn anytime as they offer drape, comfort and flexible. This type of fabric is known for retaining shape without being constrictive. Other nonbinding fabrics to consider include silk, knits, viscose, and cotton.

Features on Plus Size Maternity Clothes meant to heighten comfort
When designing maternity clothes for plus size mothers integrating some features into the design will ensure maximum comfort, style and fit. Some of these features to look out for include; empire under bust seams that fit perfectly with the body shape, elasticated hems that they fit snuggly just under the bump to bring style to the maternity clothe, side ties for tying and pulling in, to enhance your waistline, side gathers to soften your body shape while also camouflage your recuperating figure after birth. Bump bands are also an essential feature to the maternity wares as they offer support to the expanding bump while complimenting the layered look which looks great with various styled tops. For denim jeans the panels and waist bands are adjusted to cater to the bump by having all rounded elastic bands, full panels elasticated bands, turn top waist bands that can be worn over, on or under the bump, and insert pocket panels that have a low rise design at the front.

You can use a variety of accessories to bring out the elegance of your plus size maternity clothes. You can accessorize using scarfs, earrings, necklaces, trendy handbags and belts. However, when it comes to cosmetics minimal is the word.