I met an amazing couple. They were sitting in the same bar table and I had an attunement to envy to all singles who drank from the same bottle of beer they. They were not the kind that the completed each other’s sentences, but were partners and at some point the conversation, as he put his hand on her leg and she tied a knot, I could already imagine them as those cult movie scenes: taking breakfast, with pancakes and smiles, while a beam of light hit her eyes (clean) and he sang Caetano de samba song (flawless). Fell in love with them in forty-five minutes

Last week, my friend Flavia came with the news:. The incredible couple separated. What do you mean? What happened? It can not, Flá. They were perfect! Flavia did not tell me the details, but said: Uai, done, friend. They were not perfect, because it is already even dating other. My world fell.

I met an incredible Instagram. I did yoga poses every day, teaching a mantrinha. I gave a follow time, of course. She showed photos of the beach from Monday to Friday, with wonderful effects. Was always tidy, it looks like you smelled the bathroom (impeccable). A while later, she stopped posting. It was one week, two. I began to get worried. Developed several theories and best of them concluded: must have been something bad in her life. There, she was not perfect.

It’s funny how in our imagination everyone is always good, doing amazing things. Often they are right, thank God.! Be happy 24? I think that neither Xuxa.
The little angel who lives on the side of our head like embellish the lives of others. The dating girlfriend always look better, Instagram the model that makes yoga too. Everyone is cool, less us. Life is good, less ours. It is a vicious cycle of an enchanted world that likes to let you down unintentionally. Take your focus of what’s good in life, even among a small problem or another.

On the outside, everyone is happy. On the outside, all the love seems easy. On the outside, no one has problems. Bombshell: EVERYONE has problems
Must be why the real people in our lives are the ones that know us inside.. Those who know our dark side, sometimes sad, sometimes boring. Let’s stop imagining the perfect flowers of other people’s site and sprinkle over ours. Who is on our side and share life with us is also willing to make us flourish.
Other couples are not perfect, the Instagram girl either. Relax, okay? Everyone has problems equal, higher or lower than yours. The garden just changes addresses.