When two jewelery brands decide to get together to organize a little party of their presentation original pieces for the press and their relatives, it gives the event Afterwork Azucar and Jewelry Shop Dear June 5

It was an opportunity for the two brands present us with a cocktail and a ambiance “Jungle Chic” , their spring summer collections 2015.

The vent was held at the Passage du Cerf, Paris II, location Store Dear Boutique . During this particularly sweltering evening, the two designers have both spoken to me of their own butterflies passion in the eyes .
Azucar Jewelry

They are beautiful handmade jewelry in brass, gilded with fine gold. Cinthya Bot the creator of the brand is inspired by his daily life and his travels to each of his creations. Ceramic beads, pendants brass or glass stones etc., Cynthia puts a point of honor to create unique and original jewelery and imagine pairs that can make finery office.

My favorite necklace the Honey Comb 39 euros .
Dear Jewelry

This is beautiful jewelry with great finesse. Marie creative delights in inventing fine jewelry, unique and worked: chains, ankle jewelry, hand jewelry or bust … It is easy to recognize the trademark. In Dear Boutique you can find the perfect piece of jewelry to accessorize your look and your best outfits.

My favorite Bracelet Eugenie New 38 euros .

It was also the opportunity to recross magazine Joy http://themossmagazine.com/ The Moss


For me this is my lovely bracelet Azucar with its small green satin ribbon brass.

I love it!

Azucar Jewelry

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/azucarbijoux

E-shop: http://bijoux-azucar.com/index.php/fr/

Dear Jewelry

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DearBoutiqueParis

E-shop: http : //dearboutique.com/

By Rita Capi
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