In the kitchen, what we like is make the dish but also the decoration around the dish. It’s not just on the plate that the senses must be sharp. Tables, summer dress than usual. We adapt the menu to the decor and if possible, we try to do it with rigor.

To help you cherish your guests, I have called on the talent Issey Miyake . The house Issey Miyake tried to incorporate origami to culinary decoration. And that way of entertaining. It’s a nice way to give a dose of sophistication to your table


See for yourself, it is a DIY easy to reproduce. Still, try any of soft paper before you start. Once assured technique, start blogging. Prefer a paper strong colors. For a more playful side, Requisition your children.


It’s very nice if you put a number. Fashion is at the table plan coming out of the ordinary. The staging table is the key in addition that accompanies the meal. You eat with your eyes and provides a nice touch.

I count on you to send me your pancreas.

By Sophie Tagel

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