Today Lake, Love, Share Edition I dedicate one of my favorite materials. Jeans or Denim is in fashion here to stay and there is currently a huge hype around it. I have made myself to look for current denim trend parts and this I share you now with.

Will you wear a denim All Overlook? This denim outfit I’ve played with different denim fabrics.

The jeans

The Jeans. Probably every one of us more than once in the closet. Over the years, has become the Skinny Jeans totally enforced with me. But I am also totally that Bootcut or flared jeans are now totally in vogue again. I can still remember my favorite bootcut jeans that I had to throw away after several years with a heavy heart because she was simply already totally chafed. Then, when the trend came back, I found at Pimkie a nearly identical jeans and I was immediately back on the 7th Jean sky. Meanwhile a few more color variants of flared jeans are still to come.

let through the flared leg they cast a slimmer. The figure is drawn and who additionally carries high shoes still cheat to a few centimeters leg. In this case the flare pant also cover the shoe complete, provides, still good! Also Boyfriend Jeans I wear totally happy, especially with pumps or high sandals. This I combine usually with a simple basic shirt and an open-worn oversize blouse.

Recently, there are also Culottes in Denim Look Also I have two models of home. A outfit with a denim culotte I’ve already shown you a couple of weeks. I love the cut and shape of the pants, which are not so everyone’s taste. How about with you?

The denim shirt

Denim shirts I would love to wear every day. I have so around the 10 piece hanging in my dressing room and every now and then comes a new things. Especially oversize denim shirts are very much valued by me. They serve as a Cardigan replacement or can also casual around the waist are bound. Rarely, I’m wearing a denim shirt and buttoned closed. Sometimes I’m only the two lower buttons and wear including a great top. Since you can also try many different combinations.

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Denim shirts, there are also in a variety of colors and ablutions. I generally prefer dark variants as dark blue and black or very bright as white. The ablutions, I make sure that they are not so present and denim shirt still “clean” effect. So it can be very versatile to combine, sometimes sporty and sometimes elegant.

The denim skirt

Jean skirts remind me a lot of my childhood and teenage years. Since the jeans skirt could not be “used” and shredded enough. At that time I was running plus abdomen around freely jaja those days are thankfully over. The denim skirt is just right again but currently all the rage and the. Especially the models with a button placket on the front can be found in almost any store. br The denim skirt can also be found in a variety of lengths. Mini, Midi or Maxi what do you prefer? The maxi skirt from Mango I’d go with an off-shoulder blouse combine to show a little skin. At a Midi-Jeansrock I wear a loose shirt Camisole and a kimono. More material can withstand as a mini jeans skirt As always here too the rule: The less stuff down around, the more material there should be up around


The Jeanskleid

I’ve been doing well 2 years Jeanskleid in dressing room where I hang actually have never paid much attention. Eventually I came to the idea to just wear the dress as a jeans cardigan. Since then it has regularly out with me again. Currently I flirtatious yes with this white denim dress or a Denim Dress with a button closure on the front.

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Jean Loose clothes which can be regulated with a belt at the waist, I like also very good. So that can also wear a denim All Overlook. Just try a blue denim dress with a black or gray skinny jeans from. Combined with high heels in Nude it looks be great. Jean dresses are easy this summer great fashion companion.

The denim jacket

Last but not least we dedicate ourselves nor the Jean Jacket Whether new or vintage, denim jackets have never gone out of fashion. They may have left times are rather left, but basically they were always there. Again, I prefer like the denim shirts dark or white washes Jean jackets I like to wear over their shoulders, as Cape spare quasi. Depending on how thick the denim jacket, they can also tie around the waist when wearing short shorts.

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denim outfit all over you can also implement very well with a denim jacket. Possibly with a dark gray flared jeans and a blue denim jacket? Or how about with a white skinny jeans and a gray denim jacket? Again, there are some great combinations. The best easy home try in the mirror!