In the great world of the fashion designer of all the male designers know how to emphasize the fun side of the women and the women’s to tailor the most feminine creations on the body. But when it comes to men’s fashion, we expect unaware that only a man knows how to clothe another man properly and masculine. The Berlin fashion designer Jennifer Brachmann breaks this stereotype with her label Brachmann and architectural, masculine and yet fragile cuts and creations. After their Spring Summer 2016 show I meet the relaxed-quiet designer to interview

Editor in Chief Daniel met designers Jennifer Brachmann at Fashion Week for interview. Copyright:. Lisa Johanna Thiele styleranking Editor in Chief Daniel met designers Jennifer Brachmann at Fashion Week for interview. Copyright: Lisa Johanna Thiele styleranking

styleranking: presenting Eben you at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week your new collection for Spring Summer 2016. How are you feeling right after the show

Jennifer Brachmann: I’m still a little excoriated because Backstage always prevails an excited buzz. From the actual show I get backstage nothing with, because I have to make sure that everything runs smoothly

styleranking:. How is the moment for you as a designer, if you come to the show on the stage

Jennifer: This is the moment I experience completely unconscious. Although I register that will be applauded and I appreciate the recognition, but consciously I do not perceive the moment. I still wonder if everything has gone well, and how the show might be running away from the scenes

styleranking:. Were there margins

Jennifer: Just a minor glitch in the finals: A look that I would have loved to have this, could not be shown because the shoes were not timely returned from another outfit. The viewer gets from such mishaps of course nothing to do with

styleranking:. to your new collection you were inspired by the German painter Martin Eder. How have you influenced his art Jennifer: We discovered his paintings in a gallery and immediately experienced a surprising moment. Eder works with handmade traditional means and yet creates a formal language that looks very modern. This was an inspiring moment for me, because that is the principle of my label. I’ll start with classic garments, from which I develop a modern collection

styleranking:. What materials do you use

Jennifer: Especially a special canvas with glitter, which has developed a Swiss company. The material was already in my previous summer collection using so I could explore the merits of shiny fabric. It is indeed to linen, but it does not look baggy, coarse and close to nature. My thanks to the gloss material acts very special and precious. That’s why I decided to highlight the lines in this collection more and work with eye-catching colors.

Leinen need not necessarily be coarse. Brachmann refined natural material with a shiny layer that makes it work fine Copyright: Lisa Johanna Thiele for styleranking Linen must not necessarily be coarse. Brachmann refined natural material with a shiny layer that makes it work fine. Copyright: Lisa Johanna Thiele for styleranking

styleranking: your new line impresses with parts from the classic evening wear that can be worn in everyday life. Particularly noticed me a long shirt that reminds me of section ago to a tailcoat

Jennifer:. Classics always form the basis of my fashion. In these special shirts actually served the Frack as starting garment. I wanted to see what happens when I mix this jacket shape with a classic shirt. From then the Signature Piece of the new collection has evolved

styleranking:. After the show is known before the show. Are you mentally already in the next collection

Jennifer: Definitely. The design process is independent of the seasons continues. In developing the current models some were already so autumnal, that we will take in the upcoming collection. They are then the approach for the new autumn winter fashion

styleranking:. Many designers start directly after graduation, her own label, while others start their careers at big fashion houses. Which way do you recommend to young designers

Jennifer: natural It sounds always good when you collect experience with big names, but the market is extremely crowded. Few designers snag coveted international bodies. Only when you start his own label, you learn in my opinion the most

key piece of the collection is a shell that combines familiar elements of Frack and shirt. Copyright: Lisa Johanna Thiele for styleranking Key piece in the collection is a shell that combines familiar elements of Frack and shirt. Copyright: Lisa Johanna Thiele for styleranking

styleranking: Many designers are influenced by painters or artists. Can you explain how you just implement this inspiration in your collections our readers

Jennifer: The creation process is rather an abstract moment with me. It’s not that I have a certain image as a template and it will transfer to one on one in my clothes. Rather similar approaches arise that affect my work. At my previous collection inspired me the Masters’ Houses in Dessau, where only under a certain light modernization is visible. In my fashion I played along with the nap and altered so that a similar effect. The inspiration providing input. The collection itself is usually a self-perpetuating

styleranking:. You’ve dedicated yourself with your label exclusively on menswear. How difficult is this profession

Jennifer: men’s fashion is very different from women’s fashion. Our menswear designed to technically difficult because the fit must exactly agree. In order for a jacket looks good, it also needs to optimally sit on the body naturally. Most important, however, that men in her outfit feel authentic and radiate the well. One can as a designer although try things, but should never lose sight of the classic men’s image

styleranking:. The image of men in society is currently changing very strong and more and more men want dress fashionable. What’s your rating this development

Jennifer: In the future, both men and women want to buy her clothes for different occasions. A few years ago dominated the classics and the fashion of the men was very uniform. Men who wanted to wear loose, long pieces, found nothing. Although men want to be well dressed, but expect a subtle change. Menswear should therefore be modern and have a surprising moment, nevertheless not too far from the classic designs

styleranking:. Thank you for your time