Apologies for the extended absence on this blog… but I do have an excuse! Kinda! IM MOVING! If you follow me on Twitter then Im sure you know about this already but yeah… IVE GOT MY OWN FLAT. It all happened very quickly and I basically saw some flats one day and then ended up taking one and then before I knew it Im packing my life up and moving on Monday. Im nervous but excited to be living on my own! I cant believe me and Aerys have our own little place though!

I’ve spent the week thinking about the overall design of my flat and how I want it to look. I have two bedrooms as well as a huge living room which I hope to convert into my office as well as my living space. I also have this absolutely amazing entrance hall which is so so so nice! I genuinely cant wait to get decorating things!

My basic idea is to keep it a similar theme to my current room. White with bright pops of super bright colour, mixed with fun prints and lots of texture. While I know people seem to be loving the all white and minimal thing at the moment it isn’t really me and I really want my first home to have a real “me” feel to it. I want a mixture of kitsch accents with traditional furniture but with lots of bright colours to set it all off. Im planning to have a lot of black in my flat to add lots of contrast to my decor.

One thing I know for sure is that I want a full print wall. I’ve had some art pieces in mind for my walls for so long and I cant wait to purchase them. I’ve bookmarked a few that are already on my hit list but Im trying not to buy anything until I move in as I really want to make sure what I get works with the space I have. I

My only problem with this flat right now is that I have super limited funds (nature of being freelance!) and although I want everything perfect asap I know that Im going to have to slowly build up my rooms as time goes on. Ive never really bought my own furniture as I’ve only lived in furnished places and some of the prices of things are tripping me out! I’ve decided to focus on my bedroom first, then living room then my second bedroom with the kitchen and bathroom being a bit of an after thought as they arent going to be the spaces that I spend my time.
Im really excited to see what comes from my new flat and I cant wait to show you guys! I am going to be doing moving vlogs over on my second channel so subscribe to that for updates as I go along! I will post a before photo on here though when I move in.

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