Had occasions that was not my #achadosdecorativos trip on Etna, but I went the other day and I was surprised, the store is total of Yankee manufacturers Fred Flare kind and a few other individuals that did not know, but it has that sort of charming product that makes a difference in decor, you know? A single was the French Bull brand that sells appliances in melamine are stunning. The prints are putting – a single has a contact of Missoni – and leave any far more cheerful environment. Love these sweet tiny plates, wonderful for serving snacks and dessert, I took photos of some.

All are in the selection R $ twenty five-70 and has dishes, bowls and other utensils. Has any person know this manufacturer? Loved it!

Sunday brunch 27/2020

As always, on Sunday there is the Sunday brunch from DRESSES GIRLS . A conglomeration of experienced last week, I would like to share with you. What dream I fulfilled this week, and much more, you learn in my personal Weekly Review.

The Sunday brunch of clothes girls weekly exciting news from the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger world.
Outfit of the week

Does the love of the fashion Michèle fraction. I like their style very much and this time was able to convince with their casual Michèle jeans outfit . The style I want you of course not withhold and share with you Michèle’s outfit for hot summer days. How do you like the look?


image via the fashion Fraction

Lifestyle Tip: Relax

After a week Fashion Week relaxation is called for. Great Tips for stress reduction and relaxation I found at Carola. Look over!
Sunday brunch-week retrospective-Ways-to-De-stress 2

Image via Vienna Wedekind

Music Tip:’ve discovered Cloves

I this week Cloves with their song “Frail Love”. The perfect song to relax and dangle your soul. Check it out
Food Inspiration: raspberry yogurt ice

Sarah enchanted me this week with her delicious raspberry yogurt ice recipe. Just to let the hot summer days cool finish right. The recipe is tried! If you also?
Sunday brunch-Kleidermaedchen Week in Review-DSC_0368 Kopie_zpsjxcmhi5f

Image via justlikeme

Shopping Tip: Ring Light

For a long time the ring light from Walimex was on my wish list. Now I could not wait any longer and I have finally bought. . The light looks especially beautiful at beauty shots of – I can not wait to present you the first images with the ring light