I must confess that I had a slight prejudice against Irina Shayk and only saw it as “the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo” gave soft! The Russian, besides being very huh cat, has a cool style and walking more and more determined. Ahh, Cris is passed, Irina damn, okay already dating Bradley Cooper, okay for you, kiridinha!


And in real life she is so blend of basic, charming, but always very stylish, coordinating pieces, layers and a very interesting style. I was especially in love with this look highlighted, is as cool and with a sexy What la Irina!


Now talking about red carpet wow! Last week, Irina Shayk vencey the LDS with this long champagne beautiful and steamy and it looks like she’s daring the carpets of life In between look, say, questionable, she has good choices. I do not know which I love more, but I’m from this pink beautiful or this beautiful red? And I like that!

had already noticed the style of Irina More good figure who deserves to appear more often on the blog, is not it?!