You imagined it for months – strolling on the beach with a slim body! You imagine having great abs, toned legs and arms and a nice butt! So, you started the journey … no-rice diet, no-sweets diet and no-carbs diet! Name it, you tried!

Now it’s time to show off! Unfortunately, you gained more weight! Let’s face it! It is very hard to lose some pounds. And, the bad news is … it is summer! Well, don’t fret. You can still enjoy the beach, just make some adjustments. Like? Get plus size bathing suits instead. It’s hassle-free and they have some cute and flattering styles too!

One piece swimsuits or swim-dresses are nice selections for plus size women. They cover bulges to make you more comfortable, but at the same time it will give a classy or sophisticated look. Just make sure the color of the swimsuit compliments your skin tone. You can also try plus size bathing suits with floral designs. They cover the middle and chest area showing a slimming effect. Once you have that perfect plus size bathing suit start walking like a queen!

If you want to show off some skin, Halter tops plus size bathing suits is a great choice. If you have nice shoulders, the halter tops will emphasize it even more. Moreover, if you have large breasts, the Halter tops will give it some support. Like the swim-dresses or one piece plus size bathing suits, the color of the Halter tops should also compliment your skin color.

Tankini plus size bathing suits are also flattering for full-figured women. Combining a solid color lower portion or skirt with a colored or printed top part will produce better results. This type of plus size bathing suit is good for pear-shaped women. The colorful design will emphasize the upper portion of your body while the solid color of the skirt will give a slimming outcome.

Finally, have a complete ‘beach look’; get a nice-looking cover up! A cover up will also go nicely with any kind of plus size bathing suit. Cover ups can have different designs, colors and fabrics. Crochet tunic, Kimono and Lace style are just some of the latest choices. If you don’t like the styles mentioned, then you can choose the classic dress cover-up. Cover ups will not only cover more areas of your body, but it will also protect you from the sun. Put on a nice hat and sunglasses and you’re all set for the beach walk with your family.

Honestly, you don’t really need to starve yourself to lose weight and look nice during summer. There are a lot of great designers who thought of nice ways to cover all those cellulites and what not. The bottom line is – Lose weight because you want to be healthy not because you want to look sexy in a bathing suit! Here is a simple trick you can follow to lose some pounds – Food Moderation Always! Try it!