Today is the day to tell a novelty that I plan meeeeses there! Remember Fabio Maca? Fabio is a super talented calligrapher, I follow some time on Instagram and breath with each new work he put. One of them inspired a post that was very successful here on the blog and we ended up coming in after that. After a long chat together we create a project that I come to show you today: Now gives to have a little piece of Chata in your home

Fabio developed the art to 4 frames inspired by catchy phrases on the blog . Two of them have already turned in my collection including shirts with Chico King, but now they can decorate a special place in your home as well. The sentences to run various types of environments and legal frameworks are as much alone together – and HomeIT released a multitude of color combinations, you who decides which best matches your home


Chata frame Galoshes for HomeIT are printed on wood , ie arrive prontinhos for you hang on your home, without having to worry about frame. They have 70 x 50 cm (you can get a sense of size in this picture) and the site divide your purchase up to three times the card . Each frame is made according to your color selection, so the deadline for production is 10 days – but I guarantee it is worth = D

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