You know my favorite reviews are those that involve hair products! I love meeting new products, not necessarily releases, but products with a different proposal for nourishing or any classical treatment. Whenever I travel, I try to discover new things and has two products have now become my darlings and who has this proposal had the obvious and the same brand.

caviar -anti-aging-hair

The Switch is an American brand that has existed for 18 years and that the professional salon products, became successful in Sephoras life just by becoming an option to the classics, but mainly because they are quality products, natural without certain chemical additives (they are free of parabens, sulfates and other “unnecessary” ingredients) Of the products made from caviar, bamboo oil to recycled packaging and eco-friendly and its poster girl, the super cool and discreet mother of Suri, Katie Holmes. Just read a little of its history, we feel the credibility and real involvement, but once you know the products, rolls real love!

alternates rescue

That was the last I used and can not live without! Overnight Hair Rescue Repair While You Sleep is, briefly speaking, a cream for you to use before bedtime and sleep with him hehe! It works to recover your wires instantly penetrating deep into the hair

They ensure that after the first use you ever notice your hair more shiny and silky and often I used: I noticed. I always step on the eve of my trip to the salon and I feel that my wires are more flexible, you know? And even with the blonde hair eventually faded (who ever) he’s one shiny needed gas


But the 3-Minute Shine Boost is meant to be used while bathing, more precisely between the shampoo and conditioner. Its function is to give boost brightness and even recharge the color of your hair, either natural or chemical. I’ve used similar products to that of John Frieda and Oscar Blandi and this is another good option for those who feel the dull hair and when the color is no longer the same!


I’ve seen both in Brazil and Sephora are great tips for those who like to invest (unfortunately they are not the cheapest in hair quality products and with different function! The Alterna still has that CC Cream pro hair, never used, but I have heard very well be my next purchase!