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It’s almost back to school and online shopping increases. Many foreign shops deliver in France and has been for some years. Suddenly, we have become accustomed to buying clothes in countries that have a different size of our guide. Not easy to navigate and choose the size. Like me, you’ve undoubtedly been wrong once.

I wanted to share with you a little trick I advise you to adopt, to find some serenity at the time of frenzied buying. This is the size chart of Vouchercloud

Shopping has never been so easy!

Vouchercloud based on a simple observation: buy is a pleasure that can hinder many people if we do not, available tricks. I must say that it is a small goldmine which compiles international sizes. These range from English measures, the Russian through the Japanese or Brazilian

C is very simple you refer to the French size to find the one that suits you and avoids errors. Especially since returning too small or too large overseas garment can be long and tedious.

And holiday period requires, he will accompany you during your shopping sprees at your stay abroad. Which was never taken by surprise when purchasing a garment during the holidays. This guide will rudely simplify your life and avoid many disappointments.

By Sophie Tagel

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