last week posted a lovely invention of fashion Benefit: matte illuminator. And the brand not rest and invents another: BB primer eyeliner


Who has not made a kitten eye mara and later in the day he was scratched? Now the Benefit launched Air Patrol for us to maintain our dignity as beauté throughout the day, after all, it is no longer easy to make kitten eye, then after that made it to last at least a full day.

And as the Air Patrol work? Well, it works as a color corrector (cc cream), annulling those little veins and redness of the eyelids. In addition, it extends the life of your liner and shadow and the product also avoids the famous – and unwanted – crackle. Its formula contains SPF20 and even a technology called EnviroDefend that helps fight “environmental stress”, like pollution and sun, everything to make your make last, despite these issues of everyday life.

The Air Patrol has an applicator that looks like a pad and it will close to the eyelashes (for good is outlined as well) and was inspired by pillows” stress free “, that is, for an application as well tranquiiila and, according to them, is softer than your little finger!

For addicted to makeup, another interesting device for people who always looks as a makeup and a product that is multipurpose. The Air Patrol arrives in bands there in September and soon here!