You know that one of my favorite tags on the blog is to show on the most part, say, the technique of major fashion companies. I have been deeply in the history of brands like Zara, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret (worth reading every post, are my xodós) , but this time the company is national and very special.

Carmen Steffens is present here in Fashionismo for more than four years (in fact, we were the 1st partner in the world of brand blogs, show right?!) and finally I got to know in situ your fantastic handbag factory, shoes and more, and I say fantastic because it is more than a place which produces items used worldwide, but also by the proposal, entrepreneurship and all corporate history that the brand has and nowadays it is admirable.

The factory is located in Franca, São Paulo and the city has in its strong men’s shoes, but 22 years ago came to Carmen Steffens to bring a little more feminine fashion to the region.


Do you believe in the factory, in one day, are produced 10,000 shoes and 2,200 bags? A lot of things! Also could, the brand has 540 stores in Brazil and 35 abroad (ever met the LA, Vegas and Cannes) and the expansion plan is ambitious, despite the crisis, what woman does not stand up couple have shoes, huh?!

In an interview with Mario Spaniol, creator of CS, he told more about the projects and brand business model. Already Monalisa, creative director, told about the part of the design and how they must be reinvented every day and for every audience – think that blogs have helped a bit that – without losing its essence, but getting increasingly democratic and pleasing many styles.

Only the factory in France, 3,400 are employees and there we see that production of each piece is completely handmade, despite the powerful machines (has a high-tech super worth millions of dollars) , it is a painstaking work, done by an extremely dedicated team and knows every detail , high heel the purse strap!

Those who followed me in snapchat, saw that our tour included a visit to the production area, where we saw a bag being produced at the time, to the tannery (local that turns the leather “raw” in ready to be used) . And that’s the place that impressed me, really cool to see the transition process as special material and that there receive any kind of color and even texture (via a stamped gig that turns cow leather ostrich, snake or alligator, the taste of customer) . The Couroquímica, develops leather for various brands, not only fashion, but also for the automotive industry and more.

The pictures show a little of the immensity of a complete company, which generates many jobs, exports our thing for the whole world, has a fashion for every style is in tune with the news and the principal, is concerned with what the customer thinks and thinks and loves, and these days, that already is a successful secret, be faithful and worry about your audience.

I loved knowing Franca (and a bit of Ribeirao Preto, Campinas) and hope to return sometimes to the region!