Most first time moms have a hard time trying to figure out exactly which clothes to buy for their new-born and which baby clothes stores to purchase them from. The following guidelines will help put things into perspective.

Comprehensive list

Unfortunately may moms-to-be do not know exactly what to shop for and often end up just wandering around various baby clothes stores trying to figure out what is appropriate. This is definitely the wrong way to go about things because the stores usually have a ton of items to choose from and you can easily end up going round in circles. It is therefore important to come up with a list of items beforehand. This makes it easy when visiting baby clothes stores because you will already know what you are looking for. Apart from making shopping convenient, making a list will also ensure that you do not but a lot of unnecessary baby clothes. Babies grow very rapidly therefore there is no need of buying so many clothes that will not be useful after a couple of months. A list will ensure you get exactly what you need.

What to get

So what exactly should be on the list? A newborn will need playgro suits, baby dresses, sleeping suits, baby tees, snug cotton pants, cardigans and booties/baby shoes. Baby hats and beanies are also needed of course depending on the weather. Before you start shopping it would be advisable to check which baby clothes stores have sales on your listed items. This could lead to significant savings.

Baby clothes sizes

Manufacturers have varied sizes for their garments however most newborn babies usually wear size 0000. This is for average sized babies and most baby clothes stores stock this size. Since you will not be able to predetermine the size of the baby it would be advisable to pre-purchase size 000 clothes and after delivery you can get the most suitable sizes at baby clothes stores. When doing pre-purchases it is also important to look at the labels on the clothes and find out the weight/height guidelines. This will ensure that you are fully aware of dimensions when making future purchases.

Other things to note

There are several other things to look out for when visiting baby clothes stores to choose baby clothes. They include the following:

Easy fastenings for clothes this will make it easier to dress and undress a child press studs or snaps are suitable optionsEnsure that the seams are smooth because jagged seams can scratch a baby’s skin and lead to irritationIt would be advisable to get machine washable baby clothes which make the laundry process easier. Hand washing clothes can be a rather cumbersome taskIn case clothes have buttons, ensure that they have been sewn properly on the garment because babies could easily choke on them if they come looseTry as much as possible to avoid garments with many strings or ribbons because they can pose a risk to a child.
Natural fabrics such as cotton are also more suitable and are widely available at baby clothes stores.