I’ve told you guys as much as I get annoyed by the feeling of dry lips. My skin is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and do not take care of her lips are cracked and dry, which not only ugly in time to apply lipstick (right!) Can also be very uncomfortable! I gathered this post 4 tips to take good care of lips in the winter season when they usually become more prone to dryness:


1- In summer it is easier to remember taking the recommended two liters of water a day but what about in winter? I usually forget and the skin of the lips suffer enough! Strive to remember to drink water regularly a trick that works for me is to fill a bottle and leave next to the computer when I least expect it is over

2- It is difficult, but you need to resist the temptation to wet his lips with saliva to feel dry mouth Saliva ends up making the problem worse! Always walk with Bepantol Derma Regenerating Lip purse to use in moments like this.

3 Exfoliate lips regularly to remove dead phone! I love the mixture of honey sugar crystal as exfoliating.

4 Apply Bepantol Derma Regenerating Lip Before leaving home, before going to sleep and also after the meals. Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 will moisturize and protect your lips all day!

If you have more tips on how to take care of lips in winter leaves here in the comments = D