In the past few weeks has done a lot in our bedroom. Nevertheless, I am still making in search of beautiful little things that our room even cozier. How should it be otherwise, we were once again at our Favorite Sweden IKEA on the road. Oh God, who is in Innsbruck also just right remodeled with us … more IKEA-feeling for us. Jippii! 😉

We have our bedroom white, black, mint green and copper furnishings. A couple of Decoration Ideas for our bedroom, I have shown you before.

I also have strong> decorative deer bought a <. The depends now on our bed and yes, I have only to get used to at the beginning, that is now such a huge part is over my head. But at the latest after the 2nd night I slept like a baby again. 🙂

My friend has now being expected its own box, scarce 3 m only on its own and he takes advantage of already properly. He has my old IKEA PAX System and the cabinet is simply worth gold. Depending on your needs, you can customize it as you need it. He has almost only bars in the box and a trouser extract. We would buy the PAX over again.

In addition to the bed, we also have two sweet bedside table stand and a floor lamp. Only we wanted the lights still buy an umbrella, but they were sold out for ages. So we decided to use a nice light bulb and to leave all a bit retro look.

Even for a small table, a chair and a flower we have not found place. There’s nothing like chairs in the bedroom, which are never used and just nice to be have arrived! 😉

As our bedroom looks to date and as we have designed it, then you will see in two weeks! What is your bedroom and where it brings you your bedroom Inspiration?

black bed frame // decorative deer with antlers // PAX wardrobe // Standleuchtenfuß // rocking chair // plant