Today I show you how you with a straighteners simply super beautiful curls stylt . In just minutes you can conjure up a curly mop of hair out of your sleek mane. All you need for this: a brush and straighteners of your choice. I use the ghd V Vintage Pink Styler. The good thing about this Styler, he is ready for use within 30 seconds. So fold even the Last Minute Curls in a jiffy. But now I will not beat around the bush, but with you curl style . And off you go!

Curls style with the ghd pink styler V Vintage Fashion Secret

How do curls with the Glätteisten stylt

Combs your hair by good. I’ve taken a Tangle Teezer. The only brush the non twinge in my hair
Take a thin strand that has a width of approximately 3 -.. Has 5 cm in the hand
Take the Straightener of your choice in the other hand, lay your hair between the plates and pressed the straightener together.
Then you rotate the styler 180 degrees and let it slowly slide downward. The hair strand pushes her always the styler by.
After you’ve styled with straighteners the curl, you can with your fingers again, “continues through”.
This process repeats her strand by strand for your complete hair.
For the curls keep nice long, they sprayed with hairspray and knead it well.
And finished are the curls with straighteners

How do you like the hairstyle? Do you do curls rather with the curling iron or flat iron ?

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curling style with the ghd pink styler V Vintage

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