A little less than one year for the Rio Olympics, the city begins to fill with festivities and great event pro preparations. Yesterday, Coca-Cola, sponsor of the event, pitched garland on Copa to launch a national campaign to select the Torch drivers.

In this, unfortunately, I could not go, but last month I was in another and saw the torch up close and she’s beautiful and warm (aloka she tava ‘off’!) . And the party featured a carioquíssima Kardashian and this I am not what I’m saying, look …

Bruna Mar k ezine! The actress was one of the guests of the event and rocked the look Kardashiano, who was the general observation of the Ego Urges all felt the beautiful vibe of the KLA, the look to Popo. Devastated, huh Marizete & lt; 3

And the look was as far as success and perfect for the event, Bruna never seen so impeccable and your style. For the look of the night, body of Cris Barros (violate the second skin’re back with everything soon post) and exit the Pat Bo. . To give one up at sexy look minimal, Talent jewelry


On the side of beauté, straight hair and tableland and Ale magician makeup Souza, who never hides infos and soon will tell the origin of this beautiful lipstick.

I thought the look powerful without much, efficient and direct type in point, agree? Worth a #LDS?