was flanado by Instagram (follow me there already and behold, I came across a picture of the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad and his Collection resort, just went for a look at the other looks and behold WOW! As well I had not seen before? As power of synthesis is not my forte, I made a Top15 of looks I wanted to have in the closet oooou ok, you see a celeb wearing, sighing comes to me!

zuhair- murad-025-1366

One of the looks I saw was this one, cry, bandage! It is a look through periguete going to party in Ibiza and this is the best! I loved the mix embroidery transparency color. Who uses one of these, huh O


The other was that, in the same footprint, only sleeveless version


Will not you just dress? We also have monkey, crumb! says there is not a beauty endless, unprecedented?


now depart for a rose invasion and let’s start with a more casual look, a look at you go to the mall with her friends or dinner with the boy; D

Want a long look, but that is not dressed? How about a long full skirt and a very reasonable crack? The color palette of the collection’re striking and the way I goxxxto


Hello Oscar in 2016, this look is for you! You know I’m coming to a rose, but this certainly enchant even the most gentle Gothic It is poetry type, is playful type and that’s me dazzled.


Ai an orange version, how I love this color, then join me sprinkled with pink, ready gamei! I want to see a beautiful type Blake Lively with this look tomorrow, combined?


Leaving the classic and bold going pros! Look how much this look, I loved the long middle envelope means fendada skirt, cropped top and even that coat the whole embroidery. I wonder who could use bold visual so you have a bet?

Going back to pink, I do not know if I’m short, if I long? How do you go?


Finally, three short looks and of course pink type “to beat”! Say what, to me the designer has excelled in this collection and I dare say that is more interesting than the couture version that had post here.

What was the favorite of you that takes?